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A place for my heart to love

Updated on May 26, 2014

The cool waters cool the surge of the heat from my mind,

As the world continues to spin, full of life and death,

When I see these moments in time its hard for my love to make time,

A lot of space is being used through the all everlasting life we live in, I call it a mess,

We do not return love when is is given, we choose to use loose ourselves for material use,

Me, I prefer love in all forms, unconditional to life, and at its best,

I look for love, and love looks for me, but I can't seem to grab its hand, These days its by request,

I want love, just as love wants me, you must feel love, not see,

I believe that love does have a place for us all, and faith is what is asked,

Can we make love last, and save it from being a myth,

Love must be free to love, and we must accept love, as it will show us the path to peace.


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