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A place to be

Updated on January 21, 2017

When all is lost and I have nowhere to go

When I feel so low that I just might not make it through the day

There is no better place to spend what remains of it

Than with our dear lady

An inspirer

An artist

A gamer

A friend

And most of all a savior

One who has changed my life

So many times

With as little effort as saying a comforting word

Or giving me the same old advice in just the right way

She is the greatest reason to stay on an internet that slowly eats away at your soul

And your confidence in humanity

As all it takes is 10 minutes or less in a Lady Aderissa stream

To be revitalized, rekindled and to feel that humanity is good

And life is worth living

I thank you from the bottom of my heart

And the darkest corners of my soul

Please never stop being amazing

Or believing that you, yes you, are that special


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