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A poem "Pieces of you"

Updated on October 22, 2013

The haunting thoughts of winter cast upon this night

The winter colored moon lights the night so bright

Flawless waves so daring crash across the sea

As winter blankets the land and covers all the trees

Our faith is silently still on a night so cold

I watch out my window for the night to fold

I close my eyes this morning breathing the empty air

Wish for a moment both you and I could share

Not a soul could blame me, for missing you tonight

Things seem so wrong always end up right

When I miss your lips of cherry I just say your name

Even though in life nothing ever stays the same

Thinking about last winter lying in the dark

I began to crave the sound of your beating heart

Wishing I could breath you, just to taste your breathe

But here i sit alone with only pieces of you left


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