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A poem for Jessica

Updated on December 27, 2012

Facing the truth about monsters

As a child we fear


but only because they are under our beds

Outside we are warned of them

but believe we are safe

near home

near school

near where we know

near where we live our lives

Our parents try to teach us

what to look for

what to watch for

to avoid monsters

Our community feels they know each other

or enough about each other

to recognize who is normal

from who are monsters

But for all that we are taught

and all that we know

or think we know

monsters still live among us

monsters still come out

monsters still take that which is most precious

and suddenly all is destroyed

I'm sorry, Jessica

that for all the effort of those around you

a monster still broke through

a monster found you

and a monster took you away

You deserved so much more

you deserved a wonderful life

you deserved a long life

you deserved a life

where monsters stayed under the bed.


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