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Updated on August 20, 2016

waiting for a great deal,

  it seams long to be real,

unfocused and unsettled now,

      you make man reel.

  food, liqueur and water,

suddenly become unwanted,

  because anticipations are set,

     the mind will not rest.

 the heart seems to count,

seconds as time zeroes in,

   unable to control the zest,

        eyes refuse to shut,

    until the goal is met.

nothing is important, nothing is great,

compared to the heart's want,

the order of priorities for a moment,

become biased and inconsiderate.

what can man do to curb you,


what can stop you,


who can can furthom you,


obscured and hidden you are to man!

your relation to ecstasy woes man to evil,

shall he remain in 'dark never to see light?'

or be in 'light and never see darkness?'

ooh no; knowledge on both is good.

for self control and discernment.


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