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A poem written11/09/07

Updated on February 13, 2008

Whispering Wind

     Whispering wind,
what do you have to say tonight?
Tell me a secret.
Tell me I will be all right.
I trap the light in my eye
of a moment's past.
    The wind carries me back
over the fields of my life.
I see fright.
I scream,
"Take me away from here
 because I don't want to see that!"
     I see the ones I love
fade away.
I see a gray sky
with smoke going sideways
over a lifeless estuary.
     My soul is standing naked before me
freezing in the frigid air and says,
"Go home.
Don't go here.
Your heart is lost and 
you must breath deeply.
Please don't leave me here to freeze
or we shall go in despair"
     I open my eyes and the song bird appears.
My soul rejoins me and says it is not time to go yet.
I look past the door, 
and the cat  is playing with a ball of string.
I smile.
     The whispering wind blows.
Again, it doesn't tell me a secret.
I blink my eyes and understand that I am good.
I strike an accord with my past.
Peace comes by the way of grace, and
my face comes by the way of my smile.


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