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A Poet’s Free Poems: Written Poems for You to Share and Enjoy

Updated on February 13, 2015

Striving for Attention

the world unkind,

she’s in a bind,

a deep, deadly hole,

no one sees her soul,

her empty eyes,

and silent cries,

she clinches her fists,

and slits her wrists.

What is next

In her psychotic quest?

Doesn’t anyone see?

She wants to be free.

Indulging the rum,

feeling so glum,

no one could know

how far she will go.

…the everlasting frown….

The pills won’t go down!

The food is bad.

….the gun she had…

A sigh of relief

will begin her grief,

her family and friend

won’t know til the end.

Maybe she should mention,

she’s just striving for attention.

The Way

Please show me the way.

Lead me all day.

I need you right now

to tell me how

to get through these pains

of long past gains.

I miss them so much.

I really need your touch.

Crystal lights gleam

a star bright dream

of what used to be.

Why can’t you see?

The peaks covered in front…

My heart is so lost.

Blue Day

I sit alone in this room,

full of emotions: love and doom.

I need to smile once again.

…forget about long gone sin…

I miss the laughs and smiles too.

Why must my face be so blue?

I need to get over this constant strife

and plan to get on with my life.

So help me now and lead me on.

..All this forgotten way long gone.

Miss You

I have finally learned

with my eyes red and burned,

our love was so real,

something to feel.

I need you more than ever.

You are my forever.

Come back to me please.

Put my life at ease.

You promised you’d stay

and show me the way.

There will be nothing to lack,

if you’ll forgive me and come back.


He is so sweet, has no fear,

no problems, not a single tear.

I wish I could be as happy as he.

He doesn’t think twice.

He’s as happy as can be.

Family – perfect and pure.

Mind – so together and sure.

Does he want the future or past?

Will his love for others last?

He truly is a miracle.

His heart is as ever full.

Don’t be hateful. Please don’t stare.

Try to like him. Try to care.


Why is the land so cold and while?

Do they have day or is it just night?

Everything’s new and actually neat.

What are those sticks they have on their feet?

Are they having fun or is it a game?

How come they all look exactly the same?

They zigzag and swerve.

Their sticks made a curve.

Look how they slide,

all with such pride.


The daises and roses shine in the light.

The tears on my face are way too bright.

I pray for my friends and how they share.

They laugh, they love, they cry, and they care.

I would give anything, pay any cost

to have their souls not quite so lost.

So keep them safe and secure all day

and at night, I’ll watch them and every day pray.

The Rose

The rose that touches my fingertips,

falls right to the ground,

with the words,

“He loves me. He loves me not”

and the color of a bright, red crayon.

The One

His skin is like marble, soft and sweet.

His body so tan, from head to feet.

His hair is like silk and blows in the air,

so black and thick, it has no care.

His eyes shine so incredibly bright.

They are dark navy blue and a little white.


O Lord, the only One for me,

however, can I thank Thee?

Your living souls, you made so great

in this world of love and hate.

The perfection of your every step.

I’ve tried so hard to keep a rep

of a Christian, of one who serves You.

Please help my love for all be true.

The numerous waves of my spiritual life

and no longer a constant strife.

For I have found you, I’m white as snow.

You’ll be with me wherever I go,

and you’ll watch whatever I do.

I wish the world could know You too.

Help the ones who need You most –

the selfish, the lost, and the ones who boast.


He picked me up and held me tight.

I never knew love could be so right.

How come I’m always locked in his gaze?

Is this love or just a phase?

The good and bad times – we’ll get through.

Tell him I want him and need him too.


A little smile or just a glance,

please don’t lock me in your trance.

I want you too, but I can wait,

because I know that this is fate..

It’s not an act or even a sin,

that we’ve come together once again.


She does the chores and all the dishes,

fulfills our wants and all our wishes.

Sometimes I don’t know what to say,

she watches us day by day.

Mom cares more than ever

where I will spend my forever.


I gave her the flower and care too.

She looked at it as something new.

I wanted to stay for a while.

She gave me that warm and caring smile.

She said goodbye and hugged me tight.

We would get together some other night.

She’s like a mother and a friend,

I will stay with her until the end.


I followed the road that led to you.

I tried too hard and couldn’t get through.

Were you worth it or was it a waste?

To go on that road that I faced.

So many fights, so many screams,

the tears, the nights of lonely dreams.

Where were you then – so out of control?

The emptiness of your lost soul.


My life is not what it may seem.

It’s not a fairy tale or a dream.

I feel and think things as many would.

I often do things as I should,

but there are times I’m not that smart,

not thinking things out from the start.

…Trying my best, I will achieve…

…Getting problems solved before I leave.

Moments in December

Listening to your heart,

a very good start.

Learning to love,

a gift from above.

Dealing with sorry,

let’s wait ‘til tomorrow.

It’s too painful today

to think of a way.

Those blissful times

without these crimes.

Try not to remember

moments in December.

The Romance of a Lifetime

Give me a chance,

I’ll teach you romance –

how to love and cry

and never say goodbye.

Your eyes will sparkle bright

as you hold me tight.

It’s been so right from the start

how I love you with all my heart.

Don’t ask me how I know it’s true,

but I promise our love will make it through.

My Favorite Teacher

She changes lives for the good

succeeds everyone. I knew she would.

Her ability gets higher every day.

She'll reach the top on her way.

There's gladness whenever she is near.

Her smile fades out every tear.

A hero of many, her goals are high.

We'll love her always and that's no lie


Those baby blue eyes,

as bright as the skies.

Your oh-so-soft skin,

just to touch again.

Hands are gentle and so warm.

You are the perfect form.

Can I hold you please?

A hug or just a squeeze...

Hold me with your arm

and show me all your charm.

I miss you, oh, so much.

Can I have one last touch?

The Roughest Time in All Our Lives

We all know teenagers have a tough time in life going thru ups and downs. This can be illustrated thru these anonyomous poems.


Feel free to use these poems for your personal use, just not for profit. Thank you and enjoy!


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  • misslong123 profile image

    Michele Kelsey 17 months ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    Thank you so much!

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 18 months ago from Wales

    Brilliant writing and thankyou so much for sharing. Looking forward to many more.