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A prayer at Epiphany

Updated on January 10, 2013

I revised this piece last week and I am dedicating this poem to all who have lost loved ones, especially those who have lost a dearly beloved child around the holidays. I can't think of anything more painful. I hope this gives comfort to those who are hurting.I believe that when we feel the most alone that there are many others we might not even know praying for us at that very same time.

A Prayer At Epiphany

Dear Lord,I pray

that this suffering will come to an end.

I see broken dreams

people loosing their homes, their land, their lives.

And there is bloodshed on the mountains

and in the deserts

even the sky.

Dear Lord, I pray

Can you make the sun again.

Ice is melting

fires burning

storms raging in the wind.

Ancient footsteps

walk beside me

through the snow covered streams.

And I climbed up to that mountaintop

to ask God why

all these children gone and no one knows why.

Dear Lord, I pray

won't you make the sun shine again.

And he answers

from a distance

bringing sunshine through white hills

There is a land of brightness

a place for justice

a place for peace.

The rivers run free and clear

and I take away all your fear.

You will find the way

through the darkness

let your heart lead you the way.

Just keep giving

I know you care.

The love you hold on to

will lead you there.

And rest assured

a promise for the cure

to the suffering all have to face

out of the land of misfortune and pain

is a narrow road to my grace.

You will see them again

beyond the shadows

beyond the darkness of the cruel.

They are with me

in eternity

safe and sound waiting for you.

And when your mission

I sent you on

has concluded victory

you will join us

in the promised land

of peace and harmony.

Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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