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A Quick Update-Lot's Happening

Updated on December 26, 2010

When Life Comes Up From Roses

Hello world! I'm so excited that I could pinch myself. Ouch!

A quick update and then I'll have a few million things to say later.

I will be leaving for the west coast Saturday to meet with my cousin, the daughter of Gearoid O'Sullivan, the worthy subject of the literary biography I am writing. I also received my $130, two-volume biography of Michael Collins by Piaras Beaslai. It arrived in pristine condition from a bookseller in the UK, in a collector's case. So a good few days for this researcher. As a bonus, I found a long-term job with a medical company - thank goodness for clear-eyed HR people who appreciate experience!

An extra extra bonus - i dropped into a strip mall to buy a Starbucks chai latte tea (as a special treat - yummy) when I noticed that there were tea sets in the window of the Goodwill store that, paradoxically, was in the same strip mall. I don't know how this came to be, but there you go.

As I am a tea fanatic and collect teapots (a collection begun when I inherited several of my grandmother's teapots) I was lured into the Goodwill store. I was amazed to find so many people shopping there - and it's amazing that they come from all walks of life. The economy was on everyone's mind, and that's why - many explained - the Goodwill store is so valuable to them. What struck me was the kindness of everyone I met in the store.

Another example of this - As I am prone to get lost, I recently found myself in one of the metro NY area's more "dangerous" neighborhoods. It is in fact a neighborhood that is filled with poor people, many just trying to get by. I was lost and starving, so I stopped in a Quik Chek store for tea and a banana - the staple of my diet some days - and was amazed at how polite and cordial people were, going the extra distance to hold open doors, coming up with spare change for the person in line who was short, and on and on.

What does that say about us? Do you suppose it takes being down and out to realize one's humanity? I'll have more to say about that in a future blog.Sadlly, there will always be cretins in the world - I've met a few, and I'm sure you have too. Today I heard from a former colleague, a very smart, talented and enthusiastic person who lost her job. I learned that the whole time she worked at her job, she was systematically undermined and tormented by her boss to the degree that she had to get therapy. I just cannot understand how anyone could do that to another person during such hard times. I also wonder why it is the cretins who keep getting ahead? I don't wish anyone ill, but it would be nice if they could find out how it feels to walk in the shoes of the person they helped destroy.

Oh, dear, I didn't mean to turn this upbeat "quick note" into a downer. I have one more good reason to celebrate. Remember that Goodwill store I mentioned? Well, it just so happens that I walked away from the store with a Japanese ceremonial tea set for just $6. It was in a silk-lined wooden box and the gorgeous set doesn't look like it was used at all. Judging by the documentation inside, I'd say it's pretty old - so a real deal and wonderful addition to my collection. Of course to use it properly, I'll have to develop a liking for Sencha green tea, which is finely ground to a powder called Matcha for the tea ceremony. Some have described its flavor as sweet, but to me it tastes like peas or broccoli. I'm sure that means it's very healthy though.

Wish me luck on my new adventures. I'll write a lot more, and do have comments to some of your hubs I've been reading that I'm saving until I can do a respectable job in commenting. I'm seeing some really great stuff.



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    • profile image

      anne 7 years ago

      Keep up the good work, and good luck on your new position.