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A secret revealed

Updated on March 6, 2013

A story of fear and disadvantage

How well do you really know a person?

Her life seemed to be unraveling from every thread that held it together. Her days seemed to just run together, never knowing for sure what day it was. Depression had set in deep within her; she didn’t care about herself anymore. A once vibrant woman now seemed to be fading away. It seemed everyone she ever loved and cared about turned on her. Her family wasn’t talking to her and neither were her friends. She decided it was best to just stay away from everyone, be in her own little world. Her world though, was not a happy place.

Her most favorite time of the year is the summertime, but it also seems to be the season which bad things happen to her. In 2009, she left her abusive husband, took the children and went back to her home state thinking that her family is what she needed. She was wrong. Every time something happened involving her children, they would always give her some sort of guilt trip about the son she lost nine years earlier. The loss of her son has been something she has never forgiven herself for and blames herself constantly over what happened. Her family would always tell her that her children were better off without her and would be taken care of with them.

Eventually, she lost her home and feared losing her children to the state so she sent them to live with her family members. It seemed they had won their battle while she lost as usual. Her strength had diminished; a part of her soul had been cast away.

She had been homeless since the winter of 2010, her children, being taken care of elsewhere. She has been living with various friends since that time…

In the summer of 2011 she went to go stay with a friend, thinking that they actually cared. Little did she know what pain she would endure from the two days of staying there….

Her psychiatrist had put her on some medicine to try and combat the depression. When she took the medicine, it left her in a state of stupor. Everything would go blurry; the meds made her feel as though she was having an out of body experience and left her vulnerable to a predator…

Being in the stupor, her friend took advantage of the situation. She found herself helpless, being abused by the man who was supposed to be her friend. Her body, her temple, was being abused both sexually and physically because she was in this stupor, unable to defend herself. He was biting her all over, the pain was horrid. He would cover her mouth to muffle her screams, her cries out for help and if she got too loud, he would smack her across the face hoping she would stop crying and screaming. He forced himself on top of her, still with her mouth covered. She tried fighting, it didn’t help. He eventually tied her up and there she laid at his mercy. She had bite marks all over her body from head to toe. He even bit her in one particular area of her body; it seemed to have been his favorite. She would scream as loud as she could but would find herself being muffled and smacked…

After his torture was over, he untied her. She figured out a way to escape and left. She found herself at her mother’s house a little while later. She had trouble walking; each step she took was painful. She came in and sat down at the table with her mother trying to act as though nothing was wrong. Her mother and daughters kept asking her what was wrong and eventually she started crying telling her mother what happened. She took photos of her bruises with her cell phone although she never went to the police. Other than her mother, she only told one other person about the incident, her best friend Sam. Sam wanted to go hunt the man down but she would never give out the details of where the man was. To this day, and until now, those are the only two people who have heard her story…

Since that happened, she has distanced herself from others. Her trust has diminished in the entire human race. It just seemed like another pitfall in her already turbulent life…

For those of you wondering why she didn’t go to the police or report the crime, when she was twelve, she was molested by a member of her family. She went to the police and nothing was ever done and no charges were ever brought against the person who molested her. She didn’t want a repeat of undone justice.

Rape statistics are: those who have experienced some sort of sexual assault are more likely to have it happen again at some point in their life, victims feel as though it was their fault and being in a drugged stupor didn’t help that fact none, most of the cases are never solved and in some states there are statute of limitations, usually up to ten years. Most times, women are raped by someone they know.

Today, and almost two years later, she’s still battling the demons that she’s battled for a long time. There are times where she thinks about just ending all of the pain and hurt that she has felt her entire life. Only a few things keep her going. The love she has for her children, all five of them, and the hope that one day, she will get to see the son she lost so many years ago. Rape and sexual assault is not a joke. It interferes with a person’s will to live, their outlook on life, and constant PTSD in which they recall the events that happened. Don’t ever say it won’t happen to you or that if it does, you can defend yourself.

How well do you ever really know a person? Every person has secrets.

Some details were left out to protect the innocent.

©Joy Hall Publishing


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    • slightlyjaded profile image

      slightlyjaded 4 years ago from Arkansas

      Thank you billybuc.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I just wrote about abuse in this country, and I strongly agree with your message here. Judge not......

      Well done!