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A short story "Awakening of the Moonlight Kingdom"

Updated on June 24, 2011

Awakening of the Moonlight Kingdom

Disgusted with all the world, the one named Landavian retreated to his castle and began to slumber. It was the year eleven thirteen and Landavian slept for centuries waiting for somebody, anybody to awaken him. His body laid resting and unconscious to the living world and his mind left him dreamless throughout time. As the world grew, it changed and truths become nothing more than myths. One unsettling night, Landavian’s eyes flickered and moved rapidly behind his eyelids. His mind soared with colors and sounds as he was taken into the most vivid dream he has ever been in, dark yet wondrous. 

He found himself outside near a lake enticed with  the mouthwatering smells of the area. A light dense smell of wet grass and forest trees filtered the air along with the crispness of the lake water. The moonlight shown down on the private chosen spot that illuminated both him and the entire area. He glanced at the moon and smiled from the right corner of his mouth as his body rejuvenated within the moonlight‘s raze. His violet iris hues  then focused upon the lakes watery surface as a young female smoothly gild across the false moon. To his right, leaves on the ground crackles beneath the feet of the intruders as they moved toward the woman. Startled, she swam to the edge and tried to get out of the way. Her sea blue-grayish eyes shook with fright as she silently hugged the mossy large rock next to her. Four dark figures sprung to her and took hold of her tightly. Watching this act, Landavian’s eyes grew rich with blackness, in anger. He stood there confused as to why this endangered woman filled his every emotion in wanting to protect her. He took off in a mad rage for the men who were after what was not theirs, but his.  

The dream faded and Landavian woke with pulsing black shaded eyes. He quickly rose to his feet and was left with the emptiness that soon resulted in a dangerous rage. Leaving his home he walked into a new world, loud and filled with the very thing his body lusted for. The haunting beat within the air pounded loudly as he wondered aimlessly around giving off his metallic vanilla scent, it was early night when he headed into town. He studied the new and peculiar faces as he pondered the infuriating question as to why he felt such a strong connection to this woman, for he could not remember who she was. His eyes flickered to the shadowy figure in the distance as he walked toward a lone and old tattered woman, her face intense with worry and despair.  

Landavian walked with such grace that it was almost like he was dancing in the winds  of the moonlight. He watched the old woman as the sight of her caused his life to flash before his eyes. He now knew who the woman was and what he had to do. Landavian held the look of a mere human no older than twenty five years, though he was not human at all. He was the Lord Landavian Lorimeer Leviathon, an angel of the lunar era and husband to the Lady Suzuna Leviathon. He was the Lord of the Moonlight Kingdom. 

Weakened and distorted, Landavian began his journey to  liberate his wife from the erratic future. The world to him seemed mechanical and rather misplaced. People seemed slow and defeated and he could not fathom what was going on and he lost focus of his perspective. Landavian found himself wondering around when he realized that Suzuna was sill out there in need of his help. He carried nothing to the naked eye as he again set off in his rescue mission. Night turned to day as he kept his steady swift pace. Every night when Landavian would lay his head down, he would relive his wife’s demise. He soon decided that he would not waste his precious hours sleeping. Landavian went without sleep for weeks on end. He did not fear his horrid dreams, for he knows not the meaning of fear. Knowing that he would not be able to find his love alone he decided to journey to the doorstep of London to retrieve his dear friend known by Lord Markio. As Landavian arrived at the darkened door that held a black rose engraved into the wintry metal, he raised and rested his right hand to its coldness. His calm reactions to everything allowed him to focus on what he needed to accomplish. The door opened and he walked in, following the long tunneled hallway, he made his way to the back of the building. Earlier that day Lord Markio had a craving for the electrifying crimson warm liquid to quench his thirst. He departed from his home, closing the metal door behind of himself. Dressed in the finest French silks from head to toe, he covered his body with a blackened cloak that blanketed his body from prying eyes. 


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    • Dezirya Austin profile image

      Dezirya Austin 5 years ago from Wichita, Kansas

      Been gone and with no net which sucks, but i am working on a new story. The one with Ladavian will in a way be attached to this new story ill see what i come up with. Im making a book.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Oh please tell me there is more coming ...what happens next? Where does Landavian go? Great story here...