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A short story "Kari Lynn and the Vampire"

Updated on June 24, 2011
( This pic was found on Google )
( This pic was found on Google )

Kari Lynn and the Vampire

There is a tale told by the elderly about a young woman who was said to hold magnificent powers and strength. This woman was not a mythical creature, but a human being who studies the ancient world and was given the gift to obtain special abilities that one day would need to be taught to her. Strange things would happen when she was around. The sky would become grey, the water would seem stale, animals would flee from the area she was in and children would cry when she smiled. This woman’s name was Kali Lynn, she never sold her soul to the any devil and she has made no deals to speak of. She was a woman that was obsessed with the idea of vampirism and she was one known for her twisted life style. She was not all evil nor was she pronounced mean. she ha no friends and little acquaintances. She was an outcast because of who she was and the things that she liked. 

Nobody knew who her parents or family was, nobody cared. It was said that she never aged nor grew, never got old nor did she get ill. Some called her a witch, others called her a demon. Nobody got close enough to her to truly know what she was, they were all just to frightened. She resides in a small house on the outskirt of town where she is never bothered. She was lonely, but most of the time she liked it that way. The only thing she truly wanted was somebody to spend her life with. 

One night when she was gathering special ingredients for a spell unlike no other, she was greeted in the forest by a man that when you looked into his eyes, you could tell he was not an ordinary man. He was something more, something better, something that Kari Lynn had always been searching for. She gave a wary smirk as she cast a lunar spell to lighten up the area so that she may see who her stranger was. As soon as the light was cast on the man, her eyes grew wide and in a curious fashion. Not knowing what the male was doing in the forest so close to her home, she began to question him. Though before she could release a single syllable, he attacked her. His arms wove around her smaller frame and his hands gripped her limbs, moving her with ease as he positioned to expose her neck. 

The struggle was rapid and ended quickly, she was down on the earths surface faster than she cared to believe. Now, she was in fear. Fear for her life and fear for the unknown actions that would take place next. His body was over hers like a beast on his prey. His cold breathe sent chills down her spine and washed over her body like a gaseous blanket. To her, he smelled of mint and tea leaves. It was so very strange how much that seemed to calm her down. She could feel how close she was near death and she entered a soothing mood. This confused her attacker, so much that he began to laugh and questioned her of her lack of fear. 

“Why do you no longer hold fear?”


“I can hear that your heartbeat slowed down. You do not fear me?”

“ Why should I fear you.”

“Because I am going to kill you.”

“Then let the black butterflies carry my soul off to its final resting place.”

With no other words and in one swift movement , the male struck and sunk his fangs into Kari Lynn’s inner right thigh. The slight venom like liquid stun entered her body and caused her to become motionless. She could feel everything that was happening, but there was nothing that she could do to stop it. 

This was the beginning of her new life. When she woke a few hours later she was bound down by rope in a bedroom. She was dazed and she had no strength at all, she was helpless. She wondered why she was still alive and what was going on , but as soon as she could place her thoughts together she passed out yet again. When she woke again she could she that she was hooked up to an iv , but the liquid inside was dark red. Again she passed out. When she woke yet again, she could see that the man was standing next to her. She opened her mouth to speak and that’s when it happened. A massive amount of pain ran through her body like a title wave. It felt as if she were being burned alive by acid, as if it were running through her veins.


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    • Dezirya Austin profile imageAUTHOR

      Dezirya Austin 

      7 years ago from Wichita, Kansas

      Thank you. I'll have to spend some time writing more when i get the chance.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 

      7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Wow, this is awesome. Dark and I am wondering is there more?


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