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A short story "The Great War Of Goliath"

Updated on June 25, 2011

The Great War Of Goliath

In the beginning, There was a place that all dragons lived free and at peace. That was before the great war of eternal  damnation. This split dragons and separated them, sending them into different parts of the earth. Because of that, dragons changed and adapted to the different climates and environments that they lived in. The strongest dragons were known as the Graveil Dragons and the eldest and the most respected dragon  clan was the  Circle of Amity. It was more like the head council for all dragons. They were there for any who needed their guidance and sought the world in the way that they did. It is not simple to gain entry to the C.O.A, one must be born in or  for the exceptions, highly respected and voted in; thought all members must agree. If there were a single soul that did not agree with allowing a certain person into the C.O.A then they were denied. Dragons flew all around the world to seek guidance and protection from the Circle. They are well known and because of that, they are disliked by those that do not see their way of life, those that want to rule everything themselves. There was a male by the name of Goliath, he was a fierce warrior in the times of the great battle. He was a rouge dragon, hated by others because of what happened to his rider. 

The battle was chaotic, night was falling and fast. The skies were filled with dragons of all shapes , sizes , color and attitude. Blood rained down as the rain itself nourished the earths surface. It was brutal, it was the battle that would change everything. The war, for the Circle, was to bring peace into the lands once again. Though for the other side, it was to claim it all and have total control. The fire roared from beasts mouths, swords clashed together by the riders. The sounds of agony, pain, determination and  continuation filled the world. It was like everything stopped to watch the battle no matter  where they were. It all froze and waited, just waited. For it all to end. Hours upon hours, already the fight was getting close to the end. The war had been going on for centuries. As the first light hit the end was then and in the darkness of a cave were two dragons and two riders. The end was unclear of who was going to win. There stood each leader and his dragon. Swords drawn, chests heaving, sweat dripping. They were standing and watching each other for a moment. The world outside seemed to have stopped. They were either dead, about dead or fell silent and discontinued fighting because they could feel that the important fight was about to begin. Goliath roared loudly, his voice rumbled like thunder at the other known as Kiza, the coal black dragon known for his brute strength. At that moment the dragons rushed each other at the same time as their riders lunged for one another. The two hours that went by, flashed for the fighters and ended like an alarm clock. Blood spilled to the ground and the dragon seemed to howl down the cave walls and into the new morning alerting the others of who won.  Zujin, Goliaths rider fell to the floor dead, just as Kiza was unmoving as well. Goliath had been so focused on defeating Kiza that he forgot to protect his rider and his best friend. Angered, Goliath attacked and killed the human foe. He killed Kiza’s rider and THAT is the ultimate sin for a dragon. Dragons are never to kill a human.

Goliath came out of the cave by himself. He could not lie about what he did even though he knew that he would become shunned because of it. He was an honest and honorable dragon, but when his rider was killed and because he didn’t protect him, he went into a rage that nobody would be able to stop. Without words he took to the skies and left the lands and the battle. His war was forever over. 

It was when the next generation of dragons were to be born, the lone female dragon, Kairi gave birth to a clutch of 5 though because she was by herself and had to go find food herself she had to leave her  wyrmlings before they hatched to gather enough food. Though when she returned her children had hatched and there was only one remaining. When a wyrming hatches and is not brought food fast enough they will attack their brother and sisters and that is just what happened. The strongest slaughtered his family without knowing it. Kairi wept as she feed her only and last remaining baby. She named him Nanakio, he was a beautiful blue hue and held the most amazing electric blue eyes like lightning, he had a look in them like a that of a warrior. A killer. She raised him and taught him all that she could. The other male elders would not have anything to do with him at all. It was not right for a female to be alone and raise a child by herself. Kairi didn’t want anybody , she refused all males who came to her and wanted to help her in the beginning. 

When he grew up he was a broad male. His family was a mixture of elves and dragons. His great, great grandfather was a high elf and somehow he had taken in that genetic gene. He was an evish dragon, able to turn into a two legged elf and dragon at will. It was when he was at his prime and matting season was near. His mother Kairi became sick and she was at her last days, she was 15,000 years old now and she could take no more. She called for her son and told him a tale that she kept from him for all these years. She told him about his father, his name was Goliath. As soon as she ended her story, she perished her body became one with the earth. Blessing his mother he left the cave and went to seek the guidance of the elder dragons, but as quickly as his mother died, they exiled him for who he was. The son of a savage beast that held no honor or respect. Nanakio left without a word and set off in search for his long lost father, not knowing where to start……


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