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The only simple guide to writing a good Industrial Training Report

Updated on June 24, 2014

1. Acknowledgement

This is a page write-up of taking note of the persons who have influenced your SIWES experience, from where you did your training to parents and friends. It may be less than a page or more but it’s necessary that it doesn’t interfere with any other section. Any new topic should start from a complete new page.


This article is to help you in writing a simple and concise report of your own using the simplest template.

An Industrial Training Report is an intriguing yet stressful write-up. It is quite simple but requires a little hard-work. To write a good report, the following points must be addressed:

2. Dedication

This section is to dedicate your write-up and work to whomever pleases you.

3. Declaration

This page is to state whose work you have as a report. Is it your write-up based on experiences and research or did you just copy somebody’s work? You need to state it with signature and date.


This is a comprehensive sum up of what your report is all about. It could be about research topics you discovered during your training or experiences gathered. Just give a page round-up of everything your report contains.

5. Table of contents

This is a list of chapters and sub-chapters of your report and their pages. Here is a sample of what each chapter should contain:


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Objectives of SIWES

1.2 Organizational Structure and Operation of SIWES

1.3 Roles of bodies Involved in the Management of SIWES Program

1.4 SIWES with Respect to your field

1.5 Challenges and Appraisal

CHAPTER TWO: YOUR FIRM: (write the name of the company that trained you)

2.0 Inception and profile of company

2.1 The Organizational Structure

2.2 Some of the Projects handled in the company

2.3 How (your field) is practiced in your company


3.0 Introduction

3.1 Office experience

3.2 Site experience

3.3 Challenges


4.0 Acquired knowledge

4.1 Contributions

6. Conclusions and Recommendations

This is used to summarize your report as well as give suggestions on anything you think requires an improvement on.

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7. References

This is to state every book and reports with their titles, name of author, date of publishing and page of what you used in your report. This is to give credit to the original owner of the work otherwise you could be accused of book theft.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please share with your friends…


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