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A solar flare

Updated on August 19, 2011

A solar flare
what does it do
what are the effects
on me and you

Every time
one is on its way
I get depressed
for a couple of days

and more violence too
hard to believe
but the pattern shows true

This makes me think
where will it go
that activity’s growing
that’s something we know

Based upon research
throughout the years
what awaits us
what disasters are near

When will the super
volcanoes blow
triggering mega
tsunamis you know

Disasters ahead
the coming time
but what can we do
do we sit down and cry

My advice
simply live it up
don’t let disasters
make you stop

To enjoy the moments
and enjoy your lives
for we’re actually living
the end of times

The end of time
as we know it is here
so nurture the soul
and drop the fear

life in a whole
for it is precious
we all now should know



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