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A tale of two beacons........

Updated on September 29, 2013
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Who would have thought love could be this tragic
Two lights shining out to guide all
the others home
But when the darkness is waning
each one the saviour of
lost souls
They greet the same morning

He on one side of this barren island unmoving
and she over there
in solitaire
Many a lost soul breathes a sigh of relief
when coming from the mists
each beacon saves a life in
the night of storms

By day though she shadows over her
garden patch and watches as
roses grow wild
The most delicious rosewater
And he waits in the quiet of shade
listening with a
like an open sore

A tale of two lighthouses each with
plenty of room for two
and yet the wind alone
whistles in
the open stairways
With nothing remaining except
the crossing of light beams
in the long night
and low moanful
cry of silence


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