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A terrifying halloween adventure

Updated on October 26, 2011

a scarry story

This Halloween will be the best ever, Jakob thought to himself while at the shop picking out his costume. This is the first time Jakob has been allowed to trick or treat without any adults following him around the neighborhood. Jakob found the perfect costume, a scary, black hooded robe, with a bloody mask. He couldn't wait to go home and show his friends, Nick and Alex, the new costume. Jakob, Nick, and Alex all planned to trick or treat together this year. When Jakob got home he invited his friends over to see the new costume. Nick and Alex brought their costumes too. They had gotten scary costumes like Jakob’s. All three boys were excited for Halloween; they could not wait until they could wear their costumes and run around town scarring everyone and collecting their candy treats. The three friends were prepared for a night of freedom and unsupervised fun.

Halloween night finally came and the boys all met at Jakob’s house as planned. Before they headed out the door Jakob’s mom went over the rules: they had to stay together, stay in their neighborhood, they were not to enter anyone’s home, and they had to be back by eight o’clock. The boys promised to be good and off they went.

They started on the street where Jakob lived and continued down the next few blocks. They were having fun hanging out and collecting candy. Soon the boys saw a group of girls they knew from school. Nick suggested that they hide in the bushes and then jump out and scare the girls. The boys thought it funny to see the girls scream in fear and once the girls realized who was doing the scarring they were amused as well. This really is the best Halloween ever, Jakob thought as he and his friends continued through their neighborhood trick or treating. After a while the boys stopped to rest. As they were sitting on the curb looking in their bags of candy an older boy from their neighborhood stopped to talk to them. The older boy told the three friends about the houses on the other side of town that gave out the biggest and best candy. He then showed the three friends his bag of candy, which was completely filled with all the best candy. The three friends knew that they were not supposed to go to the neighborhood across town but the candy that the older boy showed them was just too good to pass up.

Alex looked at his watch it was already a quarter past six and it would take at least an hour to walk there and another hour to walk back; plus they would need time to knock on all the doors to collect their candy. The boys wanted to go but they were afraid to come home late that is why they decided to cut through the nearby woods. The boys figured if they cut straight through they could make it there and back in half the time it would have taken otherwise. That means they would still have almost an hour to trick or treat on the other side of town. Jakob, Nick, and Alex all agreed that this was a good idea and so they set out, through the woods, for the other side of town.

There was no clear path through the woods to the other side so the boys had to maneuver their way through all the dense forestry. They did not mind this at all. Like most young boys they found the forest to be a fun and exciting place and often stopped to examine the trees and moss and branches of the forest. The boys were so engaged in their adventure that they hardly noticed the sun setting until it became almost completely dark. Alex decided to check his watch; he had trouble seeing the time now that the sun had set. The watch read seven thirty. The boys had been in the woods for a little more than an hour, which is twice the time they had expected and even worse all they could see was woods in every direction. The boys decided to turn back the other way and head home. They were worried about being late and now that it had become dark each boy was secretly afraid of being in the woods.

The boys walked in the dark woods, stumbling over the dead branches and brush that littered the forest floor for they could no longer see what was beneath them or ahead of them for that matter. The boys continued to walk for what felt like a very long time, although they could not tell for sure how long because it had become too dark for any of them to read the watch. Soon they became very tired and stopped to rest their legs. They all sat close together on the ground. Nick started to sob. Jakob and Alex wanted to cry too, but they held back their tears. The boys knew that they were lost and decided to stay put and hoped that their parents would come and find them soon.

As the boys sat waiting to be found they began to notice the strange sounds of the forest. At first they heard sounds like the wind blowing or animals scurrying, they also heard an owl hooting and off in the distance they heard what sounded like a wolf howling at the moon. The boys thought about getting up and walking some more but then thought better of it and decided to stay put a little longer. They tried to distract themselves from the situation they were in by cracking jokes and telling funny stories. This worked for a while until they heard an unfamiliar and creepy laughter coming from someone not too far from them. At once the three boys became frightened, again, and they moved even closer together. They sat in silence waiting to see if they would hear the sound again. After a few minutes Jakob broke the silence, he was tired of waiting in the cold and dark woods and he told his friends that they needed to keep trying to find their way home. As Jakob spoke the boys heard the laughing again and this time they all jumped up and began to run as fast as they could. They could not see and kept tripping and falling as they ran. The boys had a hard time keeping together and soon Jakob found that he was alone. He called out for his friends but the only response he heard was the demonic laughter he had been trying to flee from. Jakob shouted “Leave me alone”, but the sound just grew louder. Jakob became paralyzed with fear. He tried to scream for help but could not form the words. Jakob covered his ears and closed his eyes tight and then he felt a hand with long boney fingers and pointy nails grip him tightly. Jakob tried to fight his way free but was overpowered by whatever had him and he was pulled to the ground. As Jakob went down he hit his head hard and went into a temporary state of unconsciousness.

When Jakob finally came to he was lying on a cold, hard, concrete floor and was surrounded by bare concrete walls and one solid iron door. There were no windows and the only source of light was a dimly burning candle set in the far corner of the room. Jakob’s friend Alex was lying barely conscious on the floor by the candle. Jakob’s head was still aching from the fall but he slowly made his way to Alex, who was crying in pain and soaked in blood. Jakob looked over his friend and found that Alex had a large gash on his leg. Jakob took off his hooded robe and tied it tightly around his friend’s leg. Jakob had seen this done in movies and thought it might help. Jakob noticed that Nick was not with them and hoped that he got home and could send for help. Jakob looked around the room for clues as to where he and Alex were but could not find anything. He tried to open the door but could not. He screamed for help but did not get a response. In fact, he could hear nothing at all not even the terrifying laughter that he heard in the woods. Eventually Jakob gave up hope and lied down next to his friend, fearing that he was going to die in this room.

Suddenly Jakob could hear the sound of footsteps coming from above, and concluded that he must be trapped in some sort of cellar. Jakob listened carefully and could hear several voices, he thought he heard one say “it is almost time.” Time for what, Jakob wondered. He thought that it was certainly not anything good, not for him or Alex anyway. Jakob decided he needed to get Alex up in case who or whatever is above them comes for them. Jakob thought that maybe this time he could fight them off and he and Alex could get away. Soon he heard what sounded like footsteps coming down some stairs. This was it they were coming for him and his friend. Jakob shook Alex awake and prepared to fight for his life. Alex tried to stand but was too badly wounded to get up on his own so Jakob helped him. When the door opened Jakob saw a very large man, with golden yellow eyes, and covered in what appeared to be blood soaked fur. Jakob was terrified by this sight and ran as fast as he could past the man unintentionally leaving his friend behind. As he ran, he passed by two smaller almost child-like versions of the man he just saw. Like the man they were covered in blood and gnawing away at some bones. In the same instant Jakob saw the bloodied tethered remains of Nick’s costume, and heard Alex screaming as he was being dragged up the stairs. Jakob knew that he could not save Alex and he continued to run as fast as he could.

Jakob continued to run until his legs gave out on him and he fell to the ground panting for air. Jakob looked and listened for any signs that Alex might still be alive, but he knew that his dear friends were gone. Jakob cried at this thought and wished that he could have saved them. Jakob noticed that it was light again and began to try to find his way home once more. Just when he was about to give up Jakob could hear voices calling for him not to far away. He made his way towards the voices and soon saw his mother. He ran to her and hugged her so tightly that it hurt. She did the same and they cried out in the joy of finding one another. The parents of Nick and Alex were present as well and wanted to know where their boys were. Jakob could not find the words to tell them what had happened but he did not need to speak of it because the look on his face said it for him. Jakob was taken to the hospital and examined. He was dehydrated and suffered from a minor concussion. The police came to the hospital to question Jakob about the other two boys. Jakob told him they were dead. He told them about the fur covered man and his fur covered children but the police did not believe him.

Although the police did not believe Jakob’s story they continued to search the woods for any signs of the missing boys. Eventually they found some remains of their bones, but never found the man or building that Jakob described. To this day most children in town stay out of the forest, but every now and then some brave child goes into the woods and never returns.


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