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A Trip to Norway

Updated on December 6, 2019

Holding the suitcase in one hand and putting the other hand in the pocket of the jacket, I stood in a state of anxiety when a voice emerged from behind. Welcome Sir... Listening to these words dozens of times daily with the pupils' mouths is part of my routine then, in the pursuit of formal (and moral) voice, I saw a very good student, smiling at that moment, my thoughts were aroused and I realized that I was not on the premises of a university, but in the praise of Doha's International Airport. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mahesh. She was going to America. While my destination was Norway. She said that I wanted to call you last night but then I thought you would be scared to go to America without completing your thesis. I was worried how I would come back and see you here today. I comforted her and said no problem.

There are more sorrows than in reading the time. However, it also lost half a dozen benefits of completing the thesis and tackling your work ahead of time. At the same time, the elderly admonished that you should make a habit of completing all the tasks in your life before the deadline. We will always learn. That some of my research articles are still incomplete, one day later I have to present this article at an international conference.

Gossiping together we both moved on. After a very short stopover, we had to drive to our destination. Arriving near the bronze coloured bear statue installed at Doha Airport, we both stopped and took some pictures. Mahesh believed that it looked ugly, very awkward and horrible. I was laughing at her thoughts.

Time was short. We both said goodbye to each other and headed to our own gate. Before boarding the plane, I checked Oslo's temperature. It was minus six degrees. According to the weather forecast, it had to reach minus ten degrees by the time I got there. I took my seat aboard the plane. Fortunately, both seats were empty. That meant that the next seven hours were about to pass through the facility. The truth is that on a plane trip, I was always near death.

The aircraft was moving slowly toward its destination. After connecting the Wi-Fi available to my mobile during the flight I received a home call via WhatsApp. After talking to my mother for a long time, I kept thinking about how much human beings have made. Thousands of feet high we can connect with the underground world with great ease and convenience

Seven hours later, when the plane touched Oslo's land, the temperature was touching minus ten degrees. I crossed the airport. The immigration counter arrived. Passport forwarded. The immigration officer asked - Are you first to Norway? I was surprised to hear Urdu. Before answering I asked, are you Pakistani? The officer said you are correct.

I also confessed that yes, the first thing came to Norway and that immigration is a pleasure to see a Pakistani (born) on the Winter. After stamping, he handed over the passport to me. Saying that you came here for the first time. Let me know If you need some help? On occasions, I only need authentic information. My habit is that if I want to go to a new place, I must do some basic research on this place.

Although I knew it, I asked how much the city is safe to explore. The immigration officer immediately responded, "Well, no worries. You're in the safest city in the world right now." I completed the sentence immediately and said: "... and also in the most expensive city in the world" ... He smiled and said "100 percent correct. Most people go to Sweden for shopping. Just a few hours' walk away." I thanked him and found a way to get out of the airport.



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