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A very reckless Driver nearly cost our lives

Updated on July 3, 2013

A very reckless driver nearly cost our lives

A very reckless driver nearly cost our lives – not for a moment thinking about anyone else

This is my daily routine besides housework and other important things we have to do to keep everyone happy. My daily routine since my father has bought me up to pray which l have done so since childhood. If l for an instance forget to pray l will listen to a tape of prayers Anyways....

My recently married daughter who is 5 month pregnant is going through a rough time into the two months that she is married. I always believe that love is blind., and even though she loves him and he loves her, we fail to understand as to why he took an over dose just a few weeks back.

My daughter wanted to teach him a lesson because she knows in her heart that he stood to be so selfish and not for a moment thought about his unborn child. People live for their children and here he did not want to live?

Anyways she was staying around for a bit of break and we decided to go to the shops. Not that l wanted to go. Before we left the house... My elder son was around joking around with her as to why her husband did this.. (only just yes today, l was reading a profile on my cousins daughter who died and took her own life... and l was reading the messages that her dear father had sent her on her profile even after two years into her death) Thinking of this... my husband had tightness in his throat and almost in a crying tone... told my son off and spoke to him of the dead girl to try and make him realise that we must be nice to each other at times of crises...

We were only off to the shops after this conversation in fact to buy my sons things that he needed.

As we sat in the car l just held the sit belt across on the way we were discussing her husband’s behaviour. We came to the first shop and she sat in the car sending texts to her husband as he wanted her home and my daughter did not feel like going home yet. She said he has to learn not to take his life like this for the sake of the baby. 'He is rude, l am not going to talk to him' she said.

Anyway l went in the shop and was told that they were going to close soon so than we were going to another one that was opened until late. I sat in her car and l thought l would put the seat belt on as she drove straight... we were driving fine... until everything flashed before my eyes....I saw a car suddenly so close to us that it made us swirled across the other side of the road.... ‘Ahhhhhh cried out my daughter loudly.... as she controlled her car straight avoiding the pavement onto the wrong side of the road and somehow back on to the right side.... We saw that car and we saw a the same car as he quickly turned left into the road and swore at him and shouted at him. ‘What are you doing, don’t follow him’ l shouted. Then she drove straight ahead to the next road.

As she drove l asked if she was ok. ‘Do you think l'am ok’?

‘stop at the side road’ l told her. We rang the police they were not at all bothered and only told us to report it to the police station’ The only thing they offer was an ambulance as we were in shock.

l. that man with his dangerous driving cause our car to go on the wrong side of the road... had my daughter not controlled the car we would have killed innocent people on the pavement.

2. the other side was normally a busy road and we can thank God a million times as the traffic was stopped at the lights further down. If there was traffic movement on the other side of the road than we would have been killed instantly and also other innocent people in the cars on the opposite side of the road would also have been killed. He exact intention was to get back to follow him.

We were so mad and it was the first time in our lives that something like this has ever happened.

After we calmed down a bit, she rang her husband and also read his text from earlier. She said he had send a text saying ‘Friends’. OMG if he had lost his wife and the baby.... would even friends had been enough?

We were soo lucky the other side of the road was clear... In the dash board my daughter has a book of prayers and some prayer DVD's... He picked her up and took her home... l hope they will learn a few lessons from this incident.... and work together to a happy married life....


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