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A window.

Updated on September 4, 2011

This is a funny situation. It is inexplicably humorous and bone-breaking to the heart.

Why do you look out of the window when there is no window?

I have just caught an eye of the monster.

He was chasing me.

brushing his teeth over me

and finally my dream of 'being caught in the trap' got over.

by telling myself that i'm like any ordinary man.

Dreams, fantasies and desires

and all other stuff that you keep in your mind.

It starts throwing, an image, back of it in the broad daylight

when you see someone else doing

what you're supposed to do days or years before.

Don't you think that you have played your part in him

By telling the mind that this is how it is going to happen and

imagining all those things in mind.

You keep your thoughts collective in mind

a place where others can peep and come to

if they show similar qualities and intensities

to fulfill the desire.

It is not like doing anything without the permission

but the bigger frame of your mind gives the permission

'cause it has seen the dust settling down

and you were getting older then.

You were standing ahead in the line when the thought was being brought to life.

You have moved back now after years and days later.

This ain't a funny situation.

This is inexplicably humorous and bone-breaking to the heart

when you were looking out of the window

when there was no window

A window which was closed by the deep hidden closing (or crashing) walls of the mind

you leave yourself way behind and pick-up the ruins

start a (new) life and treat tragedy as vicious means of laughing at life.

Vicious means of laughing that you have not failed

passed the trick on to somebody else

to be played by another and become an owner of it.

An owner of something, belonging to the universe

it (the universe) belonged to no one in identity.

You make a part of it but never the end shape.

You help it to evolve

but have no power to leave the past behind.

You were sitting behind

catching a glimpse and applauding the creator, the great owner and of this splendid show.

I have caught an eye of the monster.

It is just me who was afraid of his own image

of things being taken away

of things being not belonging to me anymore

which i nurtured, fathered and was mother to them.

If you cannot find life in failure, not even a loud laugh

you simply have failed yourself at that moment.

The nature is singing and thanking you

for providing an opportunity

to learn and grow with you.


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    • Rajan Dhir profile image

      Rajan Dhir 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thank you Mobilemoll!

      I'm glad that you came and stop by for few moments. I appreciate your support.

    • Mobilemoll profile image

      Mobilemoll 6 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Introspective piece. Really makes the reader think.

    • Rajan Dhir profile image

      Rajan Dhir 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thank-you Snakeslane.

      I'm delighted to see someone of your potential and caliber has found something interesting over here (even if it is as good as one sentence). I appreciate that you have taken some time to write about it.

      God Bless!

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 6 years ago from Canada

      Wow! That line caught my attention "humorous and bone-breaking to the heart". Thank you.