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A wish attain

Updated on October 29, 2012

It has been my desire to have you, a wish from my childhood,a wish nourished with determination,called on God several times then at his own time, you rocked my world.Now that you are here,everything has changed, believe me, it seems that a new me has just began. I never planned it this way but you know, God has his own ways which is the perfect way.Therefore,what else can i say than Welcome my son.

It was a connection, i could not detract, believe me, i never knew about it until a certain time then it occurred to me that my wish lies on my hand. Of course, it became a responsibility which he willingly rested on my hand.Oh God use me and make my dream come through so that in him, your name will be glorified.Therefore, that first smile was pure and it perfected everything because you will forever be safe in my hand.

It is a great thing seeing this tiny creatures mature,believe me, this whole thing has changed my perspective about life. Life is precious and a new one is nothing but a fabulous gift. It is to his glory that this child was born into my hand and into my family therefore,my childhood dream has finally come to pass and all adoration goes to him above.

Chinedum, you are so sweet, believe me, wrapping you up before you sleep and watching you while you sleep is like a duty which i must do with the desire to please you my boss.I watch you everyday while you sleep and it was during this whole period that i understood the joy of having a child such as you.You are special my dear son and your delivery marked it, believe me, no one was there, not even a quack nurse, you forced your way out because you were eager to come and do your work here with us.

And now that you are here, believe me sir, i will rather burn in hell to keep you safe. Chinedum, i am not the only one eager to see you transform,believe me your mom my wife is anxious too,we both know and understand this responsibility very well that is why we only ask him one thing. "God give us everything we need to be good parents to this child you gave us". You are safe in our hand and my own hand will forever be your pillow

Watching over you!


My new hubby is feeding you

I found it hard to change your dipper

But that was just on the day one

Now it is so easy and simple

Who can come between us

No one will dare to that

My son in you my hope lies

Because you made my dream come true

It is a wish that has been lingering in me and i share the same thing with Mummy, we both wanted it so bad but we have a certain for it. Yes of course, certain time for man and a specific time for God so at his own gracious and marvelous time, you cam along and made us whole, it was after that particular transformation that i began wondering what name to give you.

Many nay names came hitting me, Sampson, Enoch, Oliver, Ernest, Brandy, Roland etc. All these running inside my brain like a statistic calculation

I know that Nimrod was a great hunter, yes like him you are a great kid but because the Lord is your shepherd, yes of course i finally got the name, it hit me well

The Lord is my shepherd that is the meaning of Chinedum.

Chinedum my dear son

We love you so much

You are a gift from God

We will train you for him

You are here for a purpose

You are what we deserve

A dream finally came true

Oh a wish attain

In you our lives has now began.

I always tell parents that the most valuable thing they can offer to their new born(s) is to bond with them



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