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Activities When Visiting Your Grandchild

Updated on October 4, 2015


.When I go to my daughter's house the only thing she has asked me to do is look after her little angel. I would start to give her some singing lessons. The first song is actually Rock-A-Bye Baby following me to sing the lyrics of the song then we play. Playing with her stuff toys that she has named one by one, a sheep is the closest to her. She got a duck, bear,dog,chick, frog and a pig.Sheep is her favorite stuff pet, sleeping beside her, carrying her when she travels, bringing her to the hospital when she get sick.

One time I ask her to wash her pets. "They need to take a bath, they seem to have dirty shirts and dirty pants now," I said. So we pretend to get a shampoo., soap and towel to wash her pets. At the middle of this activity , it is interrupted when she grabs the towel and she would be washing and drying my hair already. Then we continue washing the other animals. She suggest to let the animals to perform musical instruments like having a concert, She assigns the monkey to beat the drum, the duck to blow the trumpet, it sounds when pressing her back and the rubber chicken to sound the saxophone.

Our next activity is cooking. Inside her room is her complete set of cooking toys, She tells me to be the cook and she will be the server to take orders She names the place Mex-en, a restaurant serving Mexican and English menu. She pretends to get the customer's orders, bring them to me in the kitchen and I prepare them. Then she sets the table and the food is actually paper cut vegetables including noodles.

Moving to another place we have to play a beauty parlor only for girls. Ordering a hairstyle, make-up going to a party. Curling a long hair demands a high price. I like her to do my hair and saying to me "I'll make you pretty or beautiful", which inspires me to assist her, enjoying her companionship. I feel the same to her, bringing her clips to make her hair neat when forming a cinnamon style with her heart shape smiling face will melt your heart. She is such a pretty little angel.She is a real beauty and a character. I never get tired, entertained and refresh as well being with her.

We try to become busy. After fixing ourselves it changes into a reading lesson. It is her assignment from school about rodents. After reading she answered all the questions that were asked and let her mother signs it. She read another one about Mary Poppins. What she liked about the story is the song.Then she sing another one that I taught her. Back to reading she ask me to give a word that she will write the spelling on the board. We exchange place and she gives me a word to write on the board.

It's time to play cards. We play the card game Go Fish. Cards in pairs are put down then calling a number. When there is none. the player will go fish. The loser is the one who is holding a card. She quits if she is losing then we play another one.

If she gets a new movie that's one perk for us to watch. We have watch Toy Story III, ShreK II
.Up, Frozen, and other movies. Movies I haven't watch if not her. She has a tablet that she plays about building structures. She lets me get hold of it but I want to watch her play. There was a waterfall she created and I ask her to put ducks to go swimming. There you are, the ducks flew and jump to the water and they are very noisy. Talking about ducks, one afternoon we are drawing animals. She identified what she drew and show it to her Mom and Dad. They were smiling. When she came to me she ask me what I have, I said, "Oh my Duckie is angry."
Everybody laugh.

Building Lego structure takes us time to finish one. A two story building may not be finish at one session when I'm with her so we leave the structure when we are called to have our dinner. What other activities can you add to these?


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