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"Alone" - Poetry

Updated on June 1, 2016


“Alone” is a poem written by my mother, date unknown. My mother was an only child, had two children of her own, and yet, she still felt alone. Till this day, my dear mother has pangs of loneliness due to being an only child. She is left in this world with a mother, who will leave her side at any given moment and a child, namely, me. I share this poem with you because it exudes feelings of loneliness from not having siblings to share life with. I am certain there are others who can relate to the pain associated with being an only child and the loss felt deep inside that no one can fully understand.

Please enjoy~


How can one be so alone in a world full of people?
Born alone, live alone, die alone.
Relationships come; relationships go.
So few are lasting and meaningful.

My thoughts are my own.
No one can comprehend the visions inside my head
Not longing for love,
Just longing for someone to share my life with.

Why am I alone in life?
No one to share with -
~ my dreams,
~ my hopes,
~ my accomplishments.
I need a friend.

Alone always, no change can be made.
The empty longings for relationships.
No brothers, no sisters to share life with
Alone to the end.

Others pass through my time
But the emptiness is there.
No one can replace the blood
That is forever missing.



One thing I would like to share: Just because a person has a sibling it does not mean that they are close to them; thus not lonely. There are a lot of people in the world who are not close to their families and do not get to share life with them, so, if you know someone like this, please stand up, put your hand out and become their sister or brother. They need you!


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