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Updated on June 29, 2015


Sitting high up by the window hatch

on site from the old castle, green farms of the Dutch

The dusty window grasps to its hinge

lonely i feel with my arms to their clinch

Magnificent sunrise through the green lawn

darkness cant help it LO! Its dawn

Blossoming Spring Flowers so eye-catching; What a tease!

Bumble bees fly over berberis plants with ease!

At a distance the birds chirp along

soothing music to the soul, its been long

My drowsy eyes gain strength gradually; Thanks to mother nature's explicity

though full of magic; It all begins with simplicity

Until the birds chirp to every song there is

until the Bumble bees suck the nectar from all the spring flowers there are

XXX[I will still wait for you My Love]XXX

So I'll keep waiting for your comeback through that dusty path

As long as am still on this earth

Thats why i have never stopped looking

Because i have never stopped hoping

The sunrise for today brings hope for tomorrow

my Love; As i think of you, the lesser the sorrow

And as my heart sings to this tune

All I hope is to see you soon!

Raynold Grahams Omondi.



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