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Updated on October 2, 2012
Micky Dee
Micky Dee


He thinks too much

But as his heavy head clears,

You can read entire newspapers,

Right between his ears.


It’s an Aye for this,

An eye for that,

And everybody knows,

It’s tit for tat.


For the lack of time,

And lack of the cost,

A nail, a shoe, a horse,

A kingdom was lost.


But all good things,

Will come to pass,

Those living in stone houses,

Should not throw glass.


He had his modern weapons.

He was in armor from head to toe,

But you may be over-qualified,

For some places you might go.


He crossed a bridge he had set afire,

Invincible armor sealed his fate.

He struggled to free himself,

But his demise was heavy-weight.


Even the best plan and best man,

Can be their own demise.

The well dressed soldier fell to the bottom,

And that is where he lies.


It’s an eye for that,

And an aye for this,

And random aye for an eye,

Will seldom if ever miss.


~Micky Dee~

Judging 101

Rodney and I had each other’s back,

You know, he was The Duke Of Earl.

You can paint Rodney any color.

But this Rodney was a pearl.


This Earth is home to boogiemen,

I recall so many places.

But when you’re thrown to a war,

It matters not the color of faces.


We were in Laos,

Between a rock and hard place.

We had each other’s back.

We could hardly care about the face.


So judge me in any way,

If you think you must.

But I know with whom I will not,

And with whom I cannot trust.


Black, white, and the red man too,

I have no quarrel with you.

The character of the man,

Tells me to myself, I will be true.


Judge me for my age or race.

Judge me for hair or my tattoos.

Judge me for my heritage.

Or the way I sing my blues.


Good things must come,

To those who wait.

We share the same fate.

We eat from the same plate.


We swim in the same ocean.

We drink from the same spigot.

Yet, there are so many ways,

That man is a bigot.


The boogieman comes in assorted colors,

All shapes and all the sizes.

The ego, the self,

Over-inflates, trivializes, or minimizes.


Some think there is no plan.

No conspiracies are in the making.

But I cross every line, hoping to find,

A mind that might be waking.


~Micky Dee~



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    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

      Well rhymed and still made sense...cheers!

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      What a terrific poem - and thoughts expressed in it! I definitely vote it up. The play on spelling in aye and eye grabs the attention - and delivers!

      You handle close rhyme so skillfully, too. I love that!