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Updated on October 7, 2014
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Bruce {Brewster} Peterson is an Expert Entrepreneur and Author, and has been writing for over 40 years.

Truth Needs No Support.
Truth Needs No Support.

The King of Truth?

Didn't you at one time in your life commit yourself to telling the 'truth'?

Come hell or high water you were dedicated to the truth and would even die for it?

Well, what about living the truth?

And then again, what is "TRUTH"?

The Word of God is truth, you tell me. The four Gospels of Christ? What is? What you perceive it to be?

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life...or Yeshua, Moses, Mohammad, or Buddha?

Wait a minute...!?

Isn't it a fact that there are more poor people than rich?

Is this not 'truth' too?

A murder? A teenager commits suicide? A father kills his wife and children andthey call it 'temporary insanity'? A mother killing her child because she thinks he is possess by the devil? An under age girl gets pregnant? A Jew is attacked for his beliefs in his own courtyard? A child tortures an animal?

Are these also, sadly enough, 'truths' too?

So truth is not always good. But truth should always END positive.

That is. Running from the truth does not make the truth go away.

If we learn something from the truth then the truth is positive regardless of what the truth represents.

We all have memory cells, and those things we thought we buried long ago in our subconscious will surface given the right external stimuli.

Truth does not can stand on it's own.

The truth can set you free, but the truth can also blind, and bind you.


Knowing when and NOT when to tell the truth or the complete truth is an art in itself.

Growing up in a society where telling a 'lie' can put you in fear of eternal damnation, one does not want to lie unless it is absolutely God's Will, or in his [or hers] best interest.

In fact, we live in a 'lying-dying world'. Just the bombardment of advertising tells us 'lies' {what we need to be happy, or the best lover, or the greatest wife...} everyday in every way.

One comes to realize that one can only know the real truth by what one experienced not by what one is told or even what one sees.

To say this world is a 'lie' today is the same as saying the world is under the spell of maya or illusion.

So what is this blog all about?

It is about telling the 'truth' and TELLING the 'truth' to your advantage andnot tellin git when it is to your disadvantage.

We all know that 'turth' when used as slander or to hurt someone reputation it is known as 'gossip'. Ladies, [and men] get a 'guilty pleasure' out of gossip because they ARE telling the 'truth'!

It doesn't matter if it hurts someone or even if someone gets killed.


Even when we tell the truth today, we have to chose our words carefully are we might hurt someone feelings.

Telling a person he looks like she lost a 'little weight', when they gained a lot, is a lie.

But is it is much better than the truth: "Good God you have balloon out like a beach ball!"

Not only have I suffered greatly for trying to 'tell the truth', but I have been beaten up for it, hated, had 'lies' told on me, and my reputation put in question.

One may not think that this is a big deal. But when you think back that all of this came for your quest of the 'truth' you start to wonder if in this world today you better learn how to 'lie', and lie convincingly.

Lying might very well be a virtue in our modern society today.

A friend of mine who has a fixed income like myself told me he had to 'lie' and tell people he was out of certain household items, or his neighbors would 'borrow' him dry. Rarely did he get back what he gave out.

We lie when we don't want to meet certain people, or go certain places, or want to get away from someone we don't like.

It could very well be that 'lying' is an asset today, for it takes nothing away from the trut and it could very well get you out of a sticky situation.

The Truth can stand on it's own.

The lady who 'lied' and saved the Christian men in the bible was considered a 'saintly person' by God.

So in short, I am only saying telling the truth can get you in as much trouble, if not more, as telling a lie.

I am The King of Truth. I know nothing else. All else is an illusion to me.

Yet , I will admitt I will lie if it is necessary.

To 'lie' to to joke. To play around. To make 'fun of'.

A 'lie' is only funny IF you know it is a lie.

And telling a lie, what we call a'little white lie', {I like to call it just a plain out old lie}, can result in you saving the world, or at least from a bitch session from your wife, girlfriend, or husband.

So telling the truth is not always in your best interest.

And a lie could save the day.

Not that you should go around making lying a habit. But if you have to lie, I would not think of it as much of a might be saving somebody's life.

Namely yours!

The Truth will only set you free if you know who you are. Not what the 'truth is'.

It is the person telling the truth that makes 'the truth' good or bad, right or wrong, helpful or destructive.

Such is our topsy-turvy world.


Brought to you by The MetaPsychics Foundation.

"Helping Others, Help Themselves."


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    • PARASMART profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Peterson 

      6 years ago from Lompoc

      If you cannot write boldly why write at all? I checked this article for spelling errors and found none. Linda you look like a guy. Thank you all for commenting.

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      Very interesting thoughts though.

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      Agree with the above comment. It also didn't need to be all bold.

    • LindaSmith1 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Interesting, and well written. But,do some proofreading for spelling errors.


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