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I Want To Be God. How About You?

Updated on May 24, 2011

A Philosophy On Living as God

That’s right you read it.

Me. I want to be God and if people were honest they would admit that they want to be God too. If you don’t believe me let us prove it by answering a few questions.

Do you want to be able to say the right things at the right time?

Do you want to act in a manner that perfectly fits your circumstances and the people you interact with?

Would you like to execute fair and accurate judgment befitting all situations that we come across?

Would you like to exercise proper thought and care to your day to day activities producing the correct level of response and/ or fruit of labor put forth?

Answering yes to one of this questions indicates that you and I desire the ability to get things right….and not just right but perfectly so.

So now that we have admitted our desire for perfection, at least in an existence pertaining to our sphere, we must reconcile ourselves to the hate that, (being the gods we are) other gods in existence give to us. For their logic lines up differently than ours and their truths hold different truths that their god minds can justify and cannot be refuted. In fact as gods, we are as different as our fingerprints.

So why then do we seek the company of other gods? Aren’t they obviously wrong? Why is there a longing for another to agree with us? And why do we get so much pleasure from the company of others who are full of faults and inconsistencies? It is enough to pull us off our god seat!

Yet we still desire to give something of ourselves. To love even if the beloved does not love us back. It rings true in the corruptness of addictions, how we love the drug or drink and give all of ourselves for it and in return for our love it rapidly kills who we are then snuffs out our existence.

Maybe we love our intellect and quit wit. The mental agility of an intellectual master has others fawning through the titillation of the mind and the proud authority in which they speak. But that too seeps through the cracks of understanding and the desire to love and to be loved left unchecked, leaves the pundit bankrupt of the comfort of the thoughts that they left others so in rapture.

So what is this perfection, rightness, justice we seek? If we care nothing for others and we are by some standards miserably skewed, we still desire rightness and perfection or justice surely for ourselves.

Then we are miserable gods. We are gods sad in action and in deeds, for we cannot keep lasting satisfaction even for ourselves. Yet with this unfulfilled reality ever looming ahead of us we still persist in pursuing the unattainable.

What is it that keeps us in the constant treadmill of looking for love and acceptance on our terms?



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    • Riley's Outlook profile imageAUTHOR

      Riley's Outlook 

      7 years ago from Midwest

      Dear jc43351, I don't know if you read past the title but thanks for commenting.

    • jc43351 profile image


      7 years ago from Ohio

      No I definitely would not want to be God. Just think of all the responsibility of millions of people. I am happy to have the God I have. Thank you for sharing! :)


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