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A Poem Called "Winter"

Updated on October 22, 2013

Winter whispers it's sweet words of sorrow in my ear

Stolen by a memory and of what I most fear

A kind heart gentlemen begs me not to leave

As a moment of silence, I pretend to breath

Feeling of emotion and such dangerous seduction

Overwhelming feeling of a glorious destruction

Their is a chain of reason hidden in your eyes

some secret in believing all those tender lies

Winter came suddenly as I suspect it would

Made it though this year, didn't think I could

But I knew you'd be their waiting in the end

Jut as the winter took it's unbelievable bend

Falling in love is a suicidal emotion

With every single pearled devotion

In a moment you'd think you'd win, you lose

Leaving you with thoughts to choose

When your thoughts can blame you for your desires

Then suddenly can't feel any higher

You give me the power the withstand the flame

With softest whispers of this rain

You know I'm hear to catch your fall

Standing beside you though it all


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