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Managing Your Comic Book & Graphic Novel Addiction: A Wife's Perspective

Updated on March 7, 2010

Sacrifices Must Be Made

You comics wives (or husbands!) know. Sacrifices must be made when you're married to a comic lover:

  • They go MIA on Mondays for what they call "Previews Monday."
  • $$$. Just tell him that your clothing budget will be equivalent to his comics budget.
  • Shelf space, wall space, closet space.
  • He isn't very responsive while reading comics, but it's a good time to get him to agree to something you want.
  • Time waiting around in the comic shop. But hey, they never stand around while we're shopping?


My husband is many things - father, professional, Lost fan, but most important to this article, comic book addict. I can't help but assume that there are other couples out there facing this issue. I thought I'd share my thoughts on how he and I have been able to so gingerly blend our otherwise normal life with his serious love for comic books and graphic novels - without letting it destroy our marriage!

Here are some practical stategies to prevent issues, arguments, etc:

  • Set a budget. Decide with your spouse how much $$$ can (and should) be spent on comics each month. This amount will be different for every couple, but the important thing is to set an amount and stick to it. Since I take care of our finances, I help my husband with this part. He doesn't always realize the total of all his purchases, since he diversifies his comic spending between My Comic Shop, Amazon, and local comic shops. I keep an eye on the total for the month, and if it's getting a little high, I let him know.
  • Don't keep everything. Luckily, my husband is a neat person who doesn't like much clutter. He doesn't like the idea of keeping books around that he's not going to read again. Frankly, who has the room? So, if he buys somethings, reads it, and it's just OK, he may decide to sell it. He primarily uses eBay and My Comic Shop. My Comic Shop is a great find! It's more of a trading system that allows him to sell and purchase books using store credits, which means - I never have to see any transactions, and they're not with real money!
  • Streamline. The amount of paraphernalia available to accompany comic books and graphic novels is astounding - action figures, busts, posters, and lots more of which I'm not even aware. I'm very lucky to say that my husband is not into these items! He was as a teenager, but now he has decided that these are unnecessary purchases and has removed them from his radar. That's just him, though. If you're into these items, great! Just be sure to stick to the two points above - keep the spending in check and only keep what fits in a designated area of your home.
  • Enjoy them. My husband doesn't lose sight of why he's buying all these comic books and graphic novels in the first place. He loves 'em! You're not going to get rich off them. That fact has led my husband to one of the best ways to save money and space - wait until the trade paperback comes out! My husband has almost completely converted to buying trades, rather than individual issues. They sit nicely on a more short boxes, long boxes, sleeves, backer boards, oh my! And they save money, too.

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    • Klena profile image

      Klena 6 years ago from England

      I am the comic lover in my relationship and my poor partner had to put up with my comics moving with me when I moved in ;)

      Luckily, I'm quite disciplined about the way I buy, in that I only like to invest in titles I'm already reading. So I'm not collecting 20 different series at a time.

      My partner has taken more of an interest now that they're in the apartment with me, and even enjoyed "The Walking Dead" TV show on my recommendation of the comics.

      It is definitely a compromise though. A great hub!

    • randi02 profile image

      randi02 7 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for your input, Astra. You're absolutely right that girls like 'em, too. Before meeting my husband, I also thought they were just for kids, but many (if not most) of his are far from child-appropriate.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Both my "partner" and I are comic lovers, so we can share. I thought, being the younger person, only I would be the comic fan, little did I know. Yes, girls can be comic fans. Manga is great too. Such an enormous range. In Japan, manga is as widely read as written books. Long live comics.