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Updated on November 13, 2017


AY, OUI, AY PAPI- (I- we, I pop-pee)- "yes, yes, yes daddy"

Entheos (en-thay-ose)- Greek for "God Within"

Alaa Abdelnaby- Duke basketball player from the late '80's

Tamiami Trail- road across South Florida, from Miami to (roughly) Naples

Joe Maurer- baseball player pronounced (Mower- like power- not like lawn mower)

Hoi Eudaimwn- (oy-you-dime-win)- Very ancient Greek, last used by Socrates, resurrected by ME- meaning "The Blessed One" (divinely blessed)

Ay Papi!!!


Yo soy- yo boy

Ay,Oui- Ay, Papi!!!

Filthy rich like Abu-Dhabi

Goin' Fast like Ricky Bobby

Rocked and Rollin a Bugatti

Locked and loaded like a shotti'

Far too lofty for Illuminati

A Duke like Alaa Abdelnaby

Trailin' that tail like Tamiami

Laughln' at life like Ladi-Dadi

Itty-bitty senorita, follow my finger

Ya want it you got it., no longer linger

You're a feature in my futurama

Future baby momma drama

Honey, Put 'cha body on me

Wash over me like a Tsunami

Wanna be my "Mami, Mami?!!"

Fly with me, scream " Ay Papi!!!"

...."Ay, Papi,!!!"


En-the-os!!!= some still call me Dan

Victimized by what I'm handed- Victory is in my hand

-Did the sh*t demanded-

Now permitted by the Master to re-create my master plan

Bamboozled of my prime- shiit- Who's still sweatin' time?

B-b-b-Back in the saddle- p-Possibility is mine

From admittedly ridiculous to suddenly spectacular

Put the kids to bed- le'mme spit this sick vernacular

Evil took me down one time- Reborn onto another level

Raised up by the King- emboldened by the battle

Hands lifted to the Lord- middle finger at the Devil

Go'on'n ridicule my Faith- but all things are permissible

My Reality is infinity- and anything Celestial

Well wishes as you run your races- I'll be movin' mountains

I'm just a fisher -man!- catchin' "greater things"

Bathing in the "Well of Life" with Seven trumpets soundin’

That ain't braggadocios- 'n this ain't tryin' to boast

Just can't contain this f*ckin swagger, man!, from the Holy Ghost

Shiiit!-Sorry- cussin' like a sinner, repentin' like a Saint

I went through what others won't- so I can do what others can't

Simply preppin' for the Promised Land everywhere I go

Reppin' Christ, the Son of Man, with holy indiscretion

Tearin' down the misconceptions that everybody thinks

Imagination's wishy-washy, perception's what’cha really know

(but Hommie, trust me, you ain't know me)

Ya can't hate- what ya can't relate

Save ya judgment- Jesus loves me- and this world we create

En-the-os!!!= used to be "The Man"

Banished back to the beginning- finally begin again

My mediocre throne of ease was completely overthrown

An invincible coward, now showered with invisible blows

A warrior on a spinning wheel, trapped within in a glass case

Each exuberant escape is Just another broken nose

My consuming indignation wanes, numbing resignation grows

Couldn't be more powerful-but I couldn't feel more powerless

The curtains rise for the penultimate, but I've ultimately been undressed

An Immortal, but Alas…No rest for the weary, but this f*ckin’ wearying unrest

Yes, I am the Blessed One, but not always the one that's blessed.....



The same invincible coward, now showered with immeasurable wealth

A warrior in this spinning world, snapped out of that past daze

Sh*t on trivial pursuit, only opponent is myself

Numbing desperation wanes, consuming inspiration swells

Could not have been more impotent, now my importance nears divine

Listen- "all the riches, all the glory, all eternity is mine"

Merely mortal? not so fast...."I'll keep occupying Lucifer, y'all go join the Promised Land

I ain''t cross with y'all, but I'll keep flashing up that sign

Do you, Don't fear for me....I Got unfinished business, but I'll be coming right behind"

I've got no explanation, but I still guarantee it's true, man

You're thinking "dude is crazy?"- Ay'ight!!- That’s on you, man

(Chill out Hommie- ya still ain't know me)

Ya can't judge- when ya can't relate

Save ya Pity- God is with me- every sense and every way

En-the-os!!!= I am "God Within"

Undefeated/ Unafraid/ Under God/ Under only Him

Li-vin' it up! Like Deano in his prime

B*tch I'm limitless- therefore immortality is mine

Reborn in the likeness of Jehovah- with extra- ordinary power

Check this out- It's silly! Watch me make the Devil cower....

"Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior"...

Crushin' like Miggy- ain't slappin’ cheapies like Joe Maurer

Time and space do not apply to me- this is my motha-f*ckin' hour

You should see my mansion up in Heaven, my honor in the afterlife

Riches come out every orifice- Angels vie to be my wife

But this bliss isn't present, I've still got some work to do

Still eternally a Warrior- but with my sword no longer drawn

Will never be another me- No one returns from where I've gone

But it’s a Facebook/ Twitter world- Reality and Kim K.

In these skin deep, shallow times- My words are simply wimp-y

SO!- My calling's pretty ballin':: getcha inhibitions fallin’

Get’cha attention and ya mentions, tourin' my expansive mansions

Make ya dumb with lust for my lady's bum and bust

Get’cha green with jealously, at my gold embellishments

Cram up your intelligence with my glam and elegance

Make you think that I'm Houdini- hoarding tricked out Lamborghini's

Get all the honeys hoppin', stoppin' hearts with game I'm coppin'

Get the paparazzi poppin', toppin' charts with sh*t I'm droppin'

Does it make you crazy, that I collaborate with Jay-Z?

I see accusations of Illuminati, maybe another John Gotti

The way I'm killin' it with the Truth, and feelin' it with the youth (whew! DAMN!!)

*(spoken) My alter-ego is "Entheos"-, meaning "God within"

A man of God- still a man.... so I'm constantly confessing

Oh yeah!- Mi llamo Daniel...... Universally "Blessed To Be a Blessing!!!"*

(So Hommie, now ya kinda know me)

But ya still can't hate- 'cause ya still will never relate

But I won't judge you- Jesus loves you- and the future WE create

Yo soy- yo boy

Ay,Oui- Ay, Papi!!!

Filthy rich like Abu-Dhabi

Goin' Fast like Ricky Bobby

Rocked and Rollin a Bugatti

Locked and loaded like a shotti'

Far too lofty for Illuminati

Duke like Alaa Abdelnaby

Trailin' that tail like Tamiami

Laughin' at life like Ladi-Dadi

Itty-bitty senorita, follow my finger

Ya want it you got it., no longer linger

You're a feature in my futurama

Future baby momma drama

Honey, Put 'cha body on me

Wash over me like a Tsunami

Wanna be my "Mami, Mami?!!"Fly with me, scream " Ay Papi!!!"

....."Ay, Papi,!!!"
....."Ay, Papi,!!!"
....." Ay, Papi,!!"
....." Ay, Papi,!"
....."Ay, Pa........


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    • aim4strz profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Austhof 

      2 years ago from West Michigan

      Thank you Larry

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very interesting word play.


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