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A Barber Shop Revelation

Updated on December 8, 2014

As a young man, building a business and raising a family. Yes, life is busy. I often wonder if opening a grocery store in a small town would prove to be a wise decision. My wife's idea. She felt most comfortable here in her hometown. I wanted to chase our dreams and see the world, but we stayed.

Wednesday afternoon, I always take a little walk down Main Street to the local barber shop. All the old timers are there, solving the problems of the world. Well, a Sheriff and two school board members were pretty much decided there. Just shape it up a little, Jim, as the thick brown hair began to fall around me.

The latest newspaper headlines seem to fuel conversation and sometimes, debate. Crime and injustice seem to happen somewhere else, but it's always a reminder to our community, the obligation to teach our children higher moral standards. Helping the elderly and the poor, as though they were our own.

Don't get us started on politics! We can talk for hours. Regardless of being a republican, democrat, conservative or liberal, we find ways to work things out. Seems like Washington could learn a thing or two from the way we find common ground. "Yes, times are changing," and so are these locks of brown and gray.

Family seems to be on my mind more and more. I often wonder if my son appreciates the sacrifice we've made in helping him get a good education? Will he be the first college graduate in the family? Will he be a successful head of industry? Hello, Congressman or perhaps...... Senator. I guess, I would be most proud if he's a great father and husband.

"That will be eight dollars," as Jim turned the chair around. Just a final look in the mirror at this white-headed old man. "Was I a good person?" "Did I do my best?" "I've got to get back to the store, dad. Come on, it's time go home."

© 2014 Lee Stowe


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Superbly written,loved the old school references about the barber shop.great hub.