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Poem - A Divine Touch Of Love

Updated on February 12, 2017

Every touch of yours reminds me how much I am in love with you,

the touch which tells me that it's you and only you whom I belong to.

Darling, you have all the ideas that my love is so pure and intense,

you are my pearl and I am your shell.

I promise you, I will stay forever, honey, I will never ditch,

what I have for you is true love, not an on-off switch.

I love your love more than love, I love you my life,

I will love you till the sun will shine, the cuckoo will sing and the moon will make its moonlight shy.

Your charm is enough to keep us bright and high even in the dim light,

just like a glow warm lightens the dark night.

When you talk to me it gives me a smile, I enjoy every moment with you and just how vibrant are your sparkling eyes,

I can't express in words, this eternal happiness of mine.

Your soul whispers to me, I can sense some marks of a wound, your deep eyes tell a lot,

I will take all your pain away and paint the empty walls with the color of love.

Sweet thing, you are a mixture of butter and jam, melted chocolate and a heart made of a candy bar,

you pretend to be ignorant at times, but I know that's not who you are.

You look at me and I feel shy, it enhances my glow when you are by my side,

your expressions flatter me here and your alluring smell makes me go wild.

My precious dream, you are my only truth, you are the only one for me, you are my perfect match,

the depth of our love can't be defined in words, the strings already got attached.

Hey, silky lips, with you, life is a beautiful dream, my only wish is to be yours and make you all mine,

our love is flowing inside us, our love is undying, our love is divine.

When we will sit on our knees and share our common dream,

may be no words will come out of my mouth, but just a yes with a nod bending my eyes down.

I love you, even more, every moment of every day, it will never end or fade away,

my love for you is unconditional, I want to live with you and die in your arms, this is all I have in my pocket to say.

I'll never ask for more than your love

© 2017 Divya Merh


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