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a Traveler

Updated on August 16, 2012


a lock of hair, a gift,

Kept in a sacred box

Counted among a treasured lot

magic is contained

Perhaps one day he will seek

The journey begins, with lock in hand

starts with a determined step

Yet he is lost, the stone is cast,

forward tumbling in the mysterious cosmos

Despite a revelation of the rook.

Yet, he did not listen,

Raven said, “Drowning in a living sea, be simple,

you were not given wings.”

Despite the warning, close the mind

Why, burden a weary traveler

Who does not want to believe?

With a dream, a thought, a hope

a journey of a thousand lies begin.

Bitten by a sliver tongue viper

Compassion is the poison

Plays his deceit with a smile

Delights in your pain

While being a slave to his own secret desire

Lost, O, Pure of heart,

Love bound by pain,

to bleed for eternity

To decay in the endless sea

A guardian has been lost

To another quest

The journey remains



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