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God - Truth or Belief

Updated on July 25, 2016

Stories of God are written or showed Differently in Different Religions

People say that the ones who have seen God have written about God through scripts, or books or through their art and creativity on temples, domes or any other holy places. These scripts or books (about God) have distinctive stories in different religions.


God, Almighty, Allah, Ram, Buddha or whatever you may call him/her. Does she/he exist? Many say there is only one God, but there are different stories in distinctive religions and various stories have varying numbers of Gods. Is God a group or an individual? Most of the people all over the world will say God exists, but few of them would also disagree with it.

Picture of Holy Books of Different Religions Having Stories of Gods Very Different From Each Other

Holy Bible
Holy Bible | Source
Holy Quran
Holy Quran | Source
Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita | Source

Gods or Aliens

If God is a belief, then this belief is also connected to the truth about aliens. The scientists or historians who research about the aliens contradict that the people who have seen the God or Gods arriving the Earth with their rides such as birds or animals(especially in Hindu Mythology) might have seen the aliens. They might have come to the Earth to know our culture and they(aliens) might have better technologies than us that time, I mean to say that the rides of the aliens which the people thought as animals or birds might be their vehicles, which may fly or move along the ground. So, it is possible that the people might have thought the aliens as their Gods.

Picture showing Comparision of Gods and Aliens


Does God Really Exist ?

There are many other questions, which are often on my mind, and might have occurred to you.

* If God exists, then why does he/she not appear to us?
* Why do some people not believe in God?
* Why and how did God create the Earth's diverse living creatures?

These are the types of questions that I have considered, and the answers I have arrived at lead me to believe that there is some force greater than us, which must have created us.

From What Does the Thinking of the Universe Having a Creator Come From?

There are many theories on how the earth would have existed. There is one theory, which states that the collision between bodies wandering in the universe has made the earth in some way or the other. Now, if it is true, then someone would have made those bodies, someone would have made the Universe and other pre-existing things.

Pictures Showing the Birth of Earth and Moon

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory | Source

The way I Think the Universe Might be Working

Someone creates a video-game. The video-game goes on continuously, randomly and the control over its lead character is in the gamer’s hands. In this case, the God is the creator of the electronic game. We are the players and all the stuff happening around us are the constant random things happening in the video-game.

The way the Universe Works According to Most of the People all Over the World

According to most of the people, the universe works like the following. You pray to God; God will then hear your prayers, and God will punish you if you do not do a thing in a certain way. However, I think that some special force above us which many of us have given the name of “God” has created the universe and some laws for the bodies doing movement and many other things happening in the universe like we have laws of motion in physics and principles of bonding in chemistry. I mean to say that if a person is facing an accident or if a person is getting a promotion in his or her job, then it is because of himself or herself, and the laws of motion of the bodies throughout the universe which the Almighty has created.


So, I just want to say that we must believe that there is a great force above us, the source of our existence. We must believe in ourselves and back ourselves to win this game, which is to survive in our life.

Do you agree that the real worshiping of God is same as believing in yourself, doing your work and never giving up?

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