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Abominations and Evil

Updated on January 17, 2015

Abominations and Evil

Abominations and Evil by James Cage

After midnight and unable to sleep, I sit in my chair and turn on the television. It is a dark, extremely cold evening, January of the year 2015 on the Gregorian calendar. I wrap a blanket around my body for extra warmth. I click through the television information guide and tune into a program entitled Abominations and Evil. The host is a dark character. He calls himself, The Angel of Death.

The program is a documentary. It begins with human abominations from the time of Noah and the great flood. It proceeds through ancient times. The powerful dynasties: Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman cause death and destruction upon humanity. These conquering armies, enslave populations, stone, behead and crucify innocent people. These horrors are displayed in explicit detail while narrated by the smirking Master of Ceremonies, the Angel of Death.

The next installment covers the dark ages, plagues, inquisitions, burnings at the stake, invading armies from North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. There are counter invasions from Europe into the Middle East. The armies of Attila the Hun rage through Europe and the murderous hoard of Genghis Khan rides throughout Mongolia.

The show continues and the world becomes larger. The Western Hemisphere is easily conquered by seafaring nations of Europe. Diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox and measles kill off Native Americans. Powerful countries are born in the new world. Revolutions and civil wars cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Napoleonic Wars end and the industrial revolution begins. Greed and avarice of international bankers, powerful monopolies and political figures control the earth. Communism, totalitarianism, and domination by an elite class of selfish, evil entities rule the planet. The Angel of Death dances.

The twentieth century arrives. A few million soldiers are killed in the trenches of World War I. World War II begins. Hitler and Stalin kill millions of innocent human beings in the concentration camps and gulags. World War II ends when the atom bomb melts the flesh from the bodies of the Japanese. Mao conquers and kills millions of subjects in China. The endearing King of Perdition roars.

The new millennium features planes crashing into buildings, while earthquakes and hurricanes kill thousands. Science advances with improved methods of murder. Death from drugs, abortions and euthanasia are commonplace.

The Angel of Death, Master of Ceremonies and King of Perdition smiles and the television goes dark.


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