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About The Shiver Series - Maggie Steifvater

Updated on April 16, 2016

The Books

My Thoughts On The Story

Maggie Stiefvater is the award winning author who wrote the award winning shiver series. This series is absolutely amazing. There's so much drama and love, but just when you think you know what's going to happen it changes on you. The twists and turns are one of the main reasons these books are so good. If you are a fan of the twilight series than you would love the shiver series. Each book has something new going on, something that needs done and it takes almost the entire book to do it while adding extra problems to fix. This book is written in a beautiful way that makes you want to know the end. I recommend reading these books, and if you don't like it don't worry about it. Not everyone loves the same kind of books as everyone else. Warning Minor Spoilers Ahead.

Now lets talk the story. As Grace Brisbane makes her way through all the problems she has to face, she makes new friends along the way and some enemies. Confused friends become enemies such as her parents and Olivia's brother. Enemies even become friends and maybe even some secrets can't say hidden. Find out for yourself and read this dashing series.

About The Story

Warning Contains Spoilers

Grace Brisbane is a hidden werewolf girl was taken from her swings as a child by a pack of wolves, but she was saved by Sam Roth who becomes her true love. Sam Roth is a werewolf who can remember things from the human world as a wolf much better than the other wolves can. His main thought is Grace the girl he saved by turning into a human with pure adrenaline. He has the scars of his past printed on his wrists when his parents tried to kill him when they thought he was a demon. He turned into a wolf right in front of his mother. Isabel Culpeper is a smart girl who gets whatever she wants. She wants information and that's what she gets. Cole St. Clair is a suicidal rock star who doesn't want to end up like his father. When he becomes a werewolf he drinks to solve all of his problems, but he finds there's more to life's hideous ways. Olivia Marx is a talented photography girl who doesn't stay a girl forever. Jack Culpeper is a boy who has the same fate as Sam, but he isn't as lucky. John Marx is a boy who's crushing on Grace, but when problems occur he drinks to solve them. Lewis Brisbane is a father who's scared for his daughter, but he doesn't handle it the right way. Assumptions aren't always real. Tom Culpeper is a man who's full of rage at the wolves who caused his son's death. Shelby is a psychotic werewolf who will kill for what she wants and she wants leader of the pack with Sam Roth by her side. Geoffery Beck is a man of many secrets and he can't hide them all. Which side will win in this difficult battle between the werewolves, Tom Culpeper, and a few other enemies who come to light? Who will die and who will live? Can Sam and Grace save the ones they love? Read the book to find out.

When Will It End?

Character Info (Spoilers)

Interested In
Grace Brisbane
Amy Brisbane(Mom) Lewis Brisbane(Dad)
Sam Roth(Boyfriend
Sam Roth
Geoffery Beck(Step Father)
Grace Brisbane(Girlfriend)
Isabel Culpeper
Tom Culpeper(Dad) Dr. Culpeper(Mom) Jack Culpeper(Brother)
Cole St. Clair(Crush)
Cole St. Clair
Dad Was A Mad Scientist
Isabel Culpeper(Crush)
Geoffery Beck
Sam Roth(Son)
Wife Died
Sam Roth(Crush)
Olivia Marx
John Marx(Brother)
Amy Brisbane
Grace Brisbane(Daughter) Lewis Brisbane(Husband)
Lewis Brisbane(Husband)
Dr. Culpeper
Isabel Culpeper(Daughter) Tom Culpeper(Husband) Jack Culpeper(Son)
Tom Culpeper(Husband)
John Marx
Olivia Marx(Sister)
Grace Brisbane(Crush)
Jack Culpeper
Tom Culpeper(Dad) Dr. Culpeper(Mom) Isabel Culpeper(Sister)
Tom Culpeper
Isabel Culpeper(Daughter) Dr. Culpeper(Wife) Jack Culpeper(Son)
Dr. Culpeper(Wife)
Lewis Brisbane
Grace Brisbane(Daughter) Amy Brisbane(Wife)
Amy Brisbane(Wife)

Book Trailer

Can they make it?


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