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About Writing an Independent Blog

Updated on July 20, 2010

Writing blog is a boring process, it is so common to spend a few hours just for updating a blog.But actually, it is a process that you can restructure your thought and materials to form a systematic views on things, it also helps to develop a thinking habit, make more friends and improve linguistic ability. Of course, it is possible to make some cash.

To focus an area

 You can write blog on a specific subject, it may add some point to its professionalism. For example, some blog focus on releasing news about google, others may write on free stuffs. But I don’t really like it, on the one hand, I cannot concentrate my effort on one filed. On the other hand,  I can do that, but it would makes me lose interest in writing.

From my experience, if you have passion in something, you can write your true feelings. In my blog, I have windows 7 as one of subjects, I could write almost every blog around w7, but I don’t want to write like that, it is something that portals should do. I feel writing blog is a personal thing, you cannot write for one subject, company or software. It would lost the glamour of a personal blog. So I choose to write something I am interested.

SEO on an independent blog

SEO is a knowledge every blogger should have, since most of the traffic of your blog comes from search engines. I have read many articles about SEO, I also tried to spread links, submit articles, but I am so tired and fruitless. If you don’t have the contents which can attract readers, it is futile even if you invest much effort on SEO. SEO is a means of reaching wider audience, but you always have to remember, content is king.

Originality of content

The contents on my blogs are original. I don’t object to reprinting good articles, but I don’t want to do so. Most blogs allow to reprint articles, people don’t have the sense of copyright. If you have your own blog, which is full of duplicated articles, and you are not familiar with the content, depending on SEC (search engine cheating) traffic, it would lose all of its significance. We can define such kind of blogs as trash. Because of so many trash sites, the price of adsense are lowering, one day, if you find you cannot make much money out of it and you are about to quit, you have got nothing but a pile of trash. You are reluctant to mention running any website, because the price of adsene lowered because of you.

Abiding by the law

If you want to write something, be sure to keep it abided by the law. If you have anything touched on sensitive subject, just remove it, prevent your blog becoming a victim.


Writing blog is like writing a composition when I was at school, the only difference is the composition is to my teacher, blog is for everyone to read. Writing a good article may not be a good blog, good blog may not be a good article. Independent blog is not a trash, if you have something to write about, share with everybody, it could be defined as a blog.


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    • cyberwriter profile image

      cyberwriter 7 years ago from Beijing,China

      glad you enjoyed my post.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      You are right, my friend. Nice hub from you. Just keep on posting.