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About the Fusco Brothers

Updated on May 9, 2015

About the Fusco Brothers

Do you like to enjoy reading comic strip to freshen your mind after a day’s hectic schedule? Or do you have kids who love to read and laugh at comic strip and you want them to gift an excellent piece? Then without thinking too much as well as searching here and there to purchase a comic strip just go for mind boggling ‘The Fusco Brothers’ which is uniquely created by J.C. Duffy, an outstanding American comic writer as well as artist.


The main featuring characters

The main featuring characters of this hilarious comic strip, The Fusco Brothers, are four Fusco bachelors Lance, Al, Rolf as well as Lars. Besides them there is Lance’s girlfriend, Gloria and the Fuscos' wolverine named Axel. These enchanting characters are just cockamamie comic characters. They galvanize its readers with their flaky gags and jokes as well as verbal stunting. This comic strip has been syndicated nation wide since 1989.

The Fusco Brothers is the reflection of enrapturing humor sense as well as marvelous artistry of comic artist J.C. Duffy. In one side he magnificently draws the characters and other side he brilliantly creates the humor to make it utmost hilarious comic strip for the readers.

Besides ‘The Fusco Brothers’ J.C. Duffy also creates other cartoons that get regularly published in The New Yorker and few other publishing. He created another famous comic strip named ‘Go Fish’.


Fusco Series

The Fusco Brothers has many series like “Meet the Fusco Brothers!”, “Cruel and Unusual” “Newark and Reality ... Together Again”, “Virtual Banality”, “The funniest thing to come out of New Jersey since Frank Sinatra” and ”Come Here Often? Bad Pickup Lines and Other Dating Atrocities” from Fusco Brothers. Some of the collections got published by famous American publisher McMeel and Andrews.

The number of fans of The Fusco Brothers went beyond the limit and even crossed the country’s boundary to enchant the readers of another part of the world. Its readers really enjoy the excellent humor created by J.C. Duffy and consider him as an outstanding comic artist whose written comics are appreciated as critique. Its worldwide readers while give their comments on ‘The Fusco Brothers’ they admit that at last they are gifted with witty humor sense through this comic strip. It makes them excited and wait for a new series to be published.

‘The funniest thing to come out of New Jersey since Frank Sinatra’, from the Fusco Brothers already have blessed with a truehearted fan who regularly follows it on newspapers published all over in America.

In ”Come Here Often? Bad Pickup Lines and Other Dating Atrocities”, the collection of TheFusco Brothers, fans will enjoy the ultimate hilarious scenes when the four Fusco bachelors and their pet Axel go on dating and facing misadventures while sending every single woman they meet on the way to run for the hills.

I hope you have already reached the pinnacle of excitement to read this comic strip and laugh hilariously at the four Fusco brothers along with its wolverine’s mind boggling jokes and gags. Hence knock at the door of your library or store to get one series to read. Or you could read online if you get a proper website where it gets published.

Fusco Brothers Amazing Juggling


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