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About Ten

Updated on October 16, 2013
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Ten million butterflies from Gemma Bou
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By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Ten long years, ten hearts broken,

ten blissful dreams, ten words unspoken,

ten ways to die, one way to live,

ten times I've lied, one way to forgive.

Ten steps to succeeding, ten ways to fall,

ten failures a legacy, ten prayers forlorn,

ten words to overcome, ten truths to deny,

ten paths to suffering, ten joys to rely.

Ten hopes to cling to, ten reasons to dispel,

ten tragedies confronting, ten blessings as well,

ten ways to be compassionate, ten friends to acquire,

ten people to live up to, ten acts to aspire.

Ten fears to rattle, ten ways to stay calm,

ten illusions to realise, ten mistakes to alarm,

ten paradigms to believe in, ten cults to reject,

ten leaders to vote for, ten would be s object.

Ten steps to weight loss, ten money making whores,

ten wishes of circumstance, ten ways to restore,

ten steps to happiness, ten rejections and more,

ten ways to discover, ten rules to ignore.

Ten little words, one truth of it all,

ten ways to interpret, one way to ignore,

those ten little words, are all we need know,

ten little words, in a soul must be sewn.

Love is the only possible way that humanity can survive.

If you run out of toes, you've missed the point.


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