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Above it All

Updated on October 9, 2011

a prepositional poem

In it came

Upon my innocence

From the world outside

Notwithstanding the protection of my parents

Despite my best efforts

Into my conscious

By means of deceit

Down I fell

Underneath the manipulation

Amidst the corrupt

Following their lead

Instead of my own

For I had lost myself

But I would rise again

Above their grip

Upon my conscious

In spite of their protest

Up I climbed

With respect to the beliefs that are mine

For the sake of those I love

Against them I fought

Atop the corruption I now stand

Beyond the clutches of deceit

With the power of courage and conviction in my hands


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    • kimberlyh32 profile image

      kimberlyh32 6 years ago

      Thank you. I have come to a time in my life where I need to believe and trust in my own judgement, and no longer alow others to manipulate and control the choices I make. I have only recently found the courage to stand up for my own beliefs and it is what has inspired me to write this piece.

    • joejagodensky profile image

      joejagodensky 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Beautifully presented. It is the daily struggle of many people.