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Updated on January 12, 2010


Abra- Cadaverous.



When her

fingers began
to look like

her pencils,
and her

poems trailed off
into hours of

long sleep-like dazes,
she suspected

something was wrong.


But the

mirror was

a liar.
It showed

a hearty, healthy,
overly plump young lady
glaring back at her each day.
She spewed

stomach acids
in offerings to

the porcelain god,
and ate such

minuscule portions,
leaving no body

fat to sustain her
as her body began

to devour her own organs.

The hollow

cost of her

search for

left her

emaciated corpse,
bent over the commode
in the school ladies room.

it was on

one Monday

in January,
when her heart

could no longer
overcome the

strain of regurgitation.

Her peers found her

half in, half out
like a swizzle

stick balanced
on the rim of an

un-flushed toilet,
and just about

as un-pretty
as a girl could get.

They buried her

68 pound body,
in a closed coffin,
and over the

next several years
she lost all

the rest of her
both real and i

magined fat,
until she

was nothing
but skin and bones,
then just

then dust.





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