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Absolutely, the muse of harpies!

Updated on March 27, 2015

The eagles skilled talons

Embrace the olive branch,

As gentle as calloused hands

in white silk gloves.

One more chance!

A safe flight,

a sure landing,

and yet the harpy

is unsettled!

In an epic dream,

lust filled,

brazen and free!

The dream of sure men,

and the vindictive nature

of a once beautiful vision

brought nigh,

to a breatheless sigh of submission!

The solitude of ice,

The madness of Attila

is not to be tamed!

Oh, I love!!!

7 Children

and the labor

of a half-wit sire.



present their unsure smile

with a silent wish

to be "bought' as a

late bill

to be paid forward

at all cost blind to virtue!

Kill the baker.

The waning moon of a gypsy

is brilliant at first sight.

Communion with the spiritless

on a moonless flight.

Sunrise awakes dull.

A moment in time,

can be life,

a life shot by a fatherless bow!

one way,


even amongst the stars

they are unseen

and hungry!

They follow us

since our time in

ancient Rome!

A cast away to dirt for Ceaser.

The slow film rolls on

and only 100 push-ups

to sheer ecstasy.

So is the natural mans thought.


and yet no Ceasar!


The eagles skilled talons

embrace the sun dried olive branch!

A thoughtless hope,

Moral courage?

Spiritual disernment?

I warned you about lustful fuck


and the dull granduer of the poppy!

Chic you say,

as the eagle takes flight

his noble imprint is left

for your curiosity...


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