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Absurd Life

Updated on March 11, 2017

Life seems absurd

Tis said we got what we deserved

This belief has since eons been preserved

Still it appears as though the best for some is reserved

What is life tis asked

The truth of it is from us masked

All we are supposed to is perform our task

The known world equals a grain of rice

Even of that grain we can hardly even assimilate a slice

And we pride in the fact that we are wise

Knowledge is the progression of ignorance

So of what knowledge do we claim to arrogance

In the context of the Universe

We just one of its entities diverse .

We all entities dependent on each other

Don't even know of the initial mother

So why to call ourselves knowledgeable we must bother

From ignorance we come into ignorance we go

In context of the whole how much ever but still what do we know !!


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