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Approaching Life Differently

Updated on January 23, 2015

Approaching Life Differently

By Patricia A. Saunders

Author Patricia A. Saunders wrote her latest book of poetry called Let It Rain and upon reading it she mentioned when it rains it pours and changing your perspective to look at it as a lesson and not a negative.

What was your motivation? After going through life challenges of losing my mother, being unemployed, on the brink of being homeless all within months most people would have given up. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I had started reading motivational affirmations, started praying, and continued to stay positive. By changing the perspective as to what could I do that I had control over everything started to change. I found a place to live where the maintenance man remembered me and vouched for character to the manager. I received an unexpected call from a recruiter for the job that I am still at eight years later. I came to grips with the passing of my Mother the lessons that she had instilled in me as a child that would later help me as an adult.

In your book of poetry you touch on various topics from faith, sexuality, death, and a tribute to Maya Angelou. Why so many topics? With poetry it is an expression of your thoughts that you’re influenced by. I wrote about life and things happening around me. I had a cousin who was a newlywed for only two weeks before her husband passed unexpectedly; I sat down and let the words flow from the perspective of a newlywed and the loss. Also I would not have fallen in love with the art of poetry had it not been for May Angelou who was a great influence to me as a young girl growing up in Waterbury, Connecticut. When she passed I wrote as a thank you for all that she has done that inspired me.

As a reader what could I come away from after reading your book “Let It Rain”? I wrote the book from a different perspective in life. I wrote about different aspect of love courting, being in love, marriage, death of a love one, and rediscovering oneself. The reader will laugh at some of the poems, cry, and might even call their friends to read a poem. I wanted the poetry to reach men and women and hopefully have them look at things differently and say Let It Rain!

Patricia Saunders is Author of Let It Rain, Through the Fire and Loving Me. She has written collaborations with Behind the Mask! The Many Faces of Bullying and Sistah with Ink Voices. Her work can be purchased at local booksellers, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

When life rains down challenges you have two choices

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