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Accustomed to Life chapters 3-4

Updated on December 10, 2012

My New Project

Chapters 3-4 for your advice. I hope you enjoy and I remind you again that this project contains items of an adult nature.

Beauty is alarming and alluring

my alter ego
my alter ego | Source

Chapter 3-4

Alan showed Angela into the passenger seat of his car. He was the picture of charm and old fashioned values. Something that Angela admired in a man. The luxurious cream leather seat felt cold and yet yielding under her body. She allowed herself to sink into the comfort of the seat, and waited for Alan to join her in the car. The beautiful aroma of new rich leather stirred her senses, and she suddenly thought she understood the reason that Alan had been so annoyed that his car hood had been left down.

Angela had never ridden in a Bentley before. She much preferred the exterior design of her Mercedes. So much more sexually appealing with its rounded curves and low profile hugging the road like a cat; but she could see the positive merits of the Bentley too.

“Please allow me?” Alan gently teased the seat belt around Angela’s chest and fitted it snugly into the seat belt clip. “Now we are ready,”

Angela could feel the sexual tension building up between them. But at the same time she had only just met Alan, and was feeling extremely uneasy about the situation she had gotten herself into. She sat up straight; both feet firmly fixed in the foot well and remembered her composure.

“I didn’t realise that you were a property developer.”

“Really, oh yes, I have been for the past twenty years? I was lucky to have inherited the firm from my grandfather. He had been a very successful developer in his time, and had a huge portfolio of clients. In fact I designed the Woodman’s Hotel down by the waterside. That was one of my earliest achievements, when I took over the business.”

Alan was so self assured that Angela thought he was rather too occupied with his own self importance. Maybe he had cause to be, but for now she would reserve judgement until later.

The Bentley purred gently through the town. Alan took the scenic route to the development. They drove down Botanic Parade, a mirage of beautiful colours from the fine gardens planted by the local town council. Hollyhocks graced the front of tall lime washed walls, followed by a multi-coloured spectacular of profusely coloured lupins. The roundabouts in the road had been planted with a flourish of deep red roses and stunning white daises. All in all, it was such a compliment of colours. Angela was only too glad to sit back in the comfort of her seat and admire the view. She glanced side wards in Alan’s direction.

“We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful Victorian town. No matter where I travel, New York, Seattle, Canada, Australia, I always look forward to returning home.”

Alan was impressed by Angela’s lists of favourite places.

“Do you travel for business or pleasure?” he asked, just glimpsing the top of Angela’s stocking top under her classy black dress.

“I view them as one of the same. No harm in enjoying the places you visit, even when you are on business, Is there?” she smiled.

Alan had been fishing for information, and was taken back by Angela’s reply. Angela could see clearly through him, and she was not going to give very much about herself away. She knew how to handle men like Alan; they would never get the upper hand. That was a fact, and she smiled again in Alan’s direction; enjoying the puzzled look upon his face. She was just enjoying the moment, shifting in the passenger’s seat of the Bentley to allow him a little more of a look at her stocking top. Angela was a class act; she had to be admired for her opinion of men. No one would ever hurt her or take away her heart. Her heart belonged to daddy, and that was sure.

Alan parked the Bentley just outside the Woodman’s Hotel a short walk away from the new development site.

“Come and share a bottle of wine with me, then we can talk. I can try to understand exactly what type of property you are looking for.”

Alan made his way swiftly around to the passenger’s door and held it open for Angela to get out. “No thank you, I don’t have the time for pleasantries this afternoon. I would rather stick to business if you don ‘t mind?”

“Oh come on, one bottle of wine shared can do no harm, surely?

“If I had wanted to know more about you Mr Ball, I would have accepted your invitation to dinner. However, I don’t. So can we just bear in mind the reason why I am here please?”

Alan didn’t like the feeling of rejection, or being put on the spot. He was used to getting his own way. His eyes flashed with rage, and he felt totally demoralised in Angela’s presence. He observed how she sat upright in her seat, pulling down her dress and holding her black patent leather handbag firmly on her lap. He had seen this action before, but always displayed by a child, a spoilt brat in fact.

“Certainly,” he slammed the car door firmly shut. Slid into the driver’s seat next to Angela, and drove swiftly to the development site without exchanging another word.

Angela took a sharp intake of breath as the Bentley gently purred to a halt in front of the most amazing development of flats. She adored the usage of glass for the front shared entrance. The marriage of timber and cream brick work complimented each other in the most beautiful way. On the very top of the building facing the sea, was as domed glass roof, superbly appointed to benefit from the rays of the sun all day long. She felt totally enchanted. She was completely mesmerised by the vision in front of her.

Alan noticed her long slender legs caressed by the black stockings, as Angela elegantly got out of the car. He held his hand out to assist her to rise, which Angela was grateful for. The low suspension of the Bentley was quite a challenge to vacate the seat elegantly. Her eyes were still firmly fixed on the building in front of her, while all the time, Alan’s gaze was firmly fixed on Angela. He felt something stir in his loins and could feel his blood pressure rise, but he knew he had to remain forever the perfect gentleman if his desires were to be fulfilled

“Oh my, I didn’t expect to see this. This is certainly a beautiful development.” Angela almost felt emotional as she viewed the gorgeous planted gardens, and the cream pebbled driveway. The attention to detail was second to none. The plaque engraved by the front entrance was in memory of the old Promenade Hospital which had been raised to the ground a couple of years earlier. Angela was astonished at how much thought had been put into the building standing so elegantly in front of her. Her desire immediately overwhelmed her, and she realised that she was losing her composure. She smoothed down her coat and left her handbag on the passenger seat of the car.

Alan took hold of her elbow and gently walked her to the front entrance of the building. Neither of them spoke, although Alan couldn’t help a little smile to himself as he viewed Angela’s reactions.

“Stunning isn’t she?” Alan swiped the card key in front of the monitor on the front door, and the door swung gently open. The inside of the foyer was as remarkable as the outside gardens. Ferns of all types, planted in huge dark green pots frequented the foyer. The wall mirrors reflected the light from the deep red floor tiles, and the front desk in the darkest oak, complimented with rich red velvet inlays looked so inviting. Angela was so impressed she could hardly contain her excitement. Pull yourself together girl she muse to herself.

“Should we take a look at the communal areas first, or would you prefer to view the apartments and then the communal areas?”

“The apartments please,” Angela’s voice was only just audible.

Alan once again took Angela’s elbow and led her to the lift. “Both of the remaining apartments are on the second floor. They are identical in layout and specifications. The only difference is the south facing apartment has a second bedroom.”

“Fine, can we start with the two bedroom apartment please. A second bedroom would be an advantage when daddy comes to stay.” Daddy, had Alan heard her correctly? The lift came to a slow gentle stop. The door swung open to reveal a long corridor ahead, once again perfectly complimented with a rich, lush red carpet and cream walls. Angela noticed three dark oak doors along the corridor, apartments three and four and the laundry. Alan followed Angela’s gaze.

“May I?” he paused in front of the door of the laundry and pushed the door open. “Each apartment has its own washing facility built into the utility room. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this room will be open for washing, ironing and a dry cleaning service. The service charge is built into the service package which is payable yearly. It is available to all apartment owners on those three days of the week. We have hired a lovely lady to assist you, and I have been told that she is a dab hand with the needles and scissors for any clothes repairs.”

Angela stood and looked in amazement. Even the laundry room was fitted to the highest standards, with the same high quality cream tiles on the floor. She also noticed that as soon as the door opened the fresh air system automatically came on; gently blowing refreshing cool air with the same gentle aroma of lavender, just like in Alan’s office.

“Very impressive, but I can’t wait to see inside the apartment.” She turned on her heels and walked back into the corridor.

“She is a cold fish, this one.” Alan whispered under his breath. “This is apartment four Angela.” Alan once again took a card from his pocket and swiped it swiftly over the door monitor. “Each apartment has its own unique front door, back door and individual apartment code. We are extremely security conscious, and you will go a long way to find another building designed with so much security in mind.” Angela could hear the regular sales pitch being spoken now.

“Forgive me Mr. Ball, but if I want to know something I will ask? I don’t appreciate being sold a sales pitch. I prefer to observe for myself.”

“Certainly, I meant no disrespect. Please feel free to browse at your leisure.” He smiled sincerely at Angela beginning to enjoy the challenge of breaking the ice doll in his own gracious way.

Angela was immediately stunned by the view from the balcony. The sunlight danced on the silver accessories in the kitchen and played elegantly on the lovely cream living room walls.

“This apartment was originally our show apartment; it comes completely furnished with all the items you see before you.”

Alan watched in appreciative silence now as Angela wandered around the apartment, room to room. He could only imagine what lay beneath the beautiful cold exterior that Angela portrayed. He sat in the plush cream leather recliner and allowed himself the pleasure of admiring Angela’s hips sway from side to side as she walked, the black patent high heel shoes turning the fleshy part of her calf into a mass of inviting muscle, her legs so strong and powerful, so delicious to fuel his imagination.

Angela was barely aware of his gaze, her interest and desire more concentrated on the apartment. As she walked into the master bedroom her heart skipped a beat. The site of the four poster bed, with the delicate pale blue and gold duvet took her breath away. The sun light streamed in from the huge glass window and the view over the Marine Lake was mesmerising. Angela suddenly thought that the landscape which she was viewing was better than any other landscape she could remember. She opened the window and sat on the side of the bed drinking in the view with her eyes, allowing herself to taste and smell the sea. And, without any further thought, she shouted through the bedroom to Alan, “I will take it, how soon can I move in?”

Chapter 4

Once back in Alan’s office, Angela sat in the brown leather chair in front of the window. She smiled to herself as she could see that Alan was a little bit flustered. Not the cool dude that he believed himself to be. She rejoiced in the knowledge that she had been able to cause such a reaction in him. Helen too seemed to be a little flustered.

“The Princes Apartments have a glorious view across the Marine Lake towards the sea, don’t you think?

“Indeed they do, the landscape viewed from the balcony is simply breathtaking.” Angela reached instinctively for her hairbrush from her handbag. The view from her powder compact mirror made her smile even more. She reapplied her deep red lip gloss, while all the time watching Alan searching for papers and scratching his golden head of curls. She thought he looked so cute, not at all like the professional business man that he was portrayed to be. She waited until Alan immerged from his office before asking, “Will a cheque do?”

Alan stopped in his tracks. “You haven’t even discussed the price yet.” The surprise in his voice was clear for all to see.

Angela threw back her long black hair, and laughed. Alan trying to compose himself glanced admiringly at the length of her slender neck. He adjusted his tie and took off his suit jacket hanging it on the coat stand beside the front office door. He knew that he had finally met his match. No other woman had left him with such vulnerable emotions before.

“Angela, please take your time to read all the small print on the contract before signing. Once the non-refundable deposit is paid, there is no going back.” Alan stood and held the door to his office open for her to enter. She immediately noticed the deep brown, high back swivel leather chair, and the dark oak desk with the plush red velvet insert. The office was highly appointed, with all the modern tricks of the trade to make a potential buyer feel relaxed in the lap of luxury.

“Helen, coffee for Angela and I.”

“I won’t be paying a deposit Mr Ball. It is imperative that this sale is completed as soon as possible. I don’t expect to be kept waiting. I will be paying in full.”

All seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds?” Alan sat down abruptly into his chair.

“Yes, now who do I make the cheque payable to, or do you prefer cash?” Angela with pen and cheque book at the ready smiled widely in Alan’s direction.

“I wouldn't have wasted your time viewing the apartment if I hadn't been serious. Your architectural drawing plainly displayed the purchase price, did it not?” Angela awaited his reply but he was so clearly stunned that all he could do was nod his head accordingly. He knew that he had clearly misjudged Angela’s ability to shock him. He watched her sign her cheque, Angela Masterson. Masterson, were did he know that name from? He just couldn't recall it to mind, but he was determined to find out.

Angela outstretched her hand towards Alan. “It was a pleasure doing business with you. Now, how about that supper, shall we say seven o'clock tomorrow evening, and don’t be late?” Angela’s eyes sparkled and she laughed at Alan’s surprised look. “Now, could you leave me to my car and I won’t take up any more of your time?” She turned on her heels and headed towards the door with just a smile in Helen’s direction.

“Look up the name Masterson,” Alan whispered to Helen as he followed Angela out of the office and into the grey mizzle of the late afternoon. “Lock up after yourself; I won’t be back in the office today.”

“Yes Sir.” Helen breathed a sigh of relief to be left alone. She knew that she couldn't cope with any more of Alan’s arrogance today. She sat back in her chair, “Coffee I think,” she spoke quietly to herself.

Angela drove the Mercedes straight home; she couldn't wait to tell her father of her purchase. As she drove into the driveway of the Masterson family home, she felt a little sad. She had finally decided to fly the nest, albeit not very far away. But far enough away for her to realise that it wouldn't be just so easy to rely on her father any more.

The grey pebbles crunched under the wheels of the Mercedes, and as the security lights went on, Angela could see the beauty and grandeur of her family home. She knew that once her father passed away the Masterson residence would be willed to her, along with all the Masterson fortune. But not for a long time yet she hoped.

Angela turned off the engine of her car and sat back into the warm comforting seat. She could hear the peacocks cry from the vast garden area behind, and felt a little tinge of anticipation. How would her father react to her news, she hadn't really thought the position through? She never did, just always acted on impulse, but she thought that this purchase had been one of her better impulses. Whatever her father thought, the deal was done.

The lights went on in the drawing room. Angela looked fondly through her car window, and into the drawing room with its antique glass and silver chandelier. The pale green and silver wallpaper offsetting the dark green of the curtains, her mother’s favourite silver candelabra in pride of place on the huge Canadian maple dining table. She recalled the memory of her mother and father at the grand piano on Christmas mornings in the past, singing carols while she opened her presents from under the ornately decorated Christmas tree; The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven and the laughter of Iris, the housekeeper, coming from the kitchen. Those were the best days of her life, all too sadly over now. But she still had her memories to comfort her on her lonely days. On days when she found it hard to leave her past behind her, days when she wished that her mother was still alive.

It had been very hard at times being an only child, she reflected. But on the upper side there were never any arguments about favouritism. The world was Angela’s oyster. Her father had clearly seen to that. She had lived the lifestyle of a golden child and that she could not deny, the only question that constantly troubled her, was where she had got her ambition and drive from? For as long as she could remember, she always wanted to do things her way. She was never happy being the daughter of a multi-millionaire. No matter how hard her father had worked for it. She loved her independence, but the security of the Masterson millions only made her more determined to take risks. She was lucky; many of her friends had never had the opportunity to take such risks as she had done in the past. Most of them became just another statistic in the world of the employed.

The front door opened, and she could just see the outline of Iris standing in the doorway waving her inside.

“Good afternoon Miss, I saw your car approaching along the driveway. Are you feeling al-right? It isn't like you to sit in the car outside in the cold” Angela handed her coat, scarf and gloves to Iris to hang up for her. She tossed her raven black hair and smiled sweetly at Iris. “Yes, I am fine Irish, thank you. I was just taking some time to take a trip down memory lane.”

“A beautiful trip Miss I hope.” Angela gave Iris a little kiss on her cheek. Iris blushed with embarrassment, smiled and walked into the kitchen.

“The master is dressing for supper Miss Angela, he will be down shortly. Why don’t you go and freshen up. I am sure your father will be excited to learn what you have been doing today.”

Angela smiled to herself, “Oh I am sure he will, Iris,” she laughed taking the stairs two at a time.

Angela lay in the gracefully old fashioned domed leg bath, with the water as hot as she could bear and her long slender legs turning red with the heat. She reflected on the day she had had, and especially the chance meeting with the handsome, enigmatic Alan Ball. She closed her eyes and allowed her imagination to wander just a little. She could still smell the aroma of his aftershave that was, Aramis. She could see the sunlight whiten his already blond coloured hair, and his smile that showed only a glimmer of his teeth. His lips were full for a man, all the better to caress you with she thought, and then, shocked at her reaction, she swiftly got out of the bath and a little embarrassed, wrapped herself in the thick warm bath robe.


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    • thebluestar profile imageAUTHOR

      Annette Donaldson 

      6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Ruby, my lovely friend, watch this space, but be warned it does get a little raunchy in the next couple of chapters. Thank you as always for your support. Nette xxx

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Aha, This provocative story is getting better and better. I love the way you are able to describe the most minute detail of the luxurious apartments and Alan's Bentley. I will certainly be back to read more about Angela's life. I have a feeling she might soften up a bit. Ha..


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