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Achieve Greatness

Updated on October 2, 2010

A Play on Greatness

            ICONS OF EXCELLENCE: A Play

The Stage

                For the purpose of this play let, any kind of stage can be used. The emphasis being on DIALOGUE and ACTION.


      Depending on what the director plans to achieve, characters in this play let can put on any costume—African or foreign which should aptly fit into character and  characterisation.

Action and Time

         The play let is not divided into scenes or acts but just movements- a single movement of characters coming on stage. The time span for this is about 10-15 minutes. The action is not so serious to create a balance.



                The Narrator is the first voice. He guides the audience and reveals the thoughts of characters on stage as they appear.

NARRATOR: (Soliloquizing) I heard that life is a product of personal adventure,                                                                                                                                            the wiser you are the better you become. Hmm…such words are pregnant with meanings. What does it mean to become great? Or what do I need to achieve greatness?( WHILE ENGROSSED IN THOUGHTS), Marriage and Relationship Ethics comes on stage.

MRE: ( Starts talking at the entrance of the stage) To achieve greatness, it is me you need(Demonstrates by placing hands on chest). Everybody here knows that. God knows I am important for a fulfilled life. Why do you think most singles pray hard to have me. They fast in the morning, afternoon and at night. I have turned all of them to prayer warriors. I am not expensive unlike some (Another character comes on Stage) (MRE looks scornfully)

FINANCIAL GREATNESS: (Replies) Unlike who?

MRE: Did I mention your name. ( Faces the audience) Good people the only thing you need                     is just love. Okpa ri, finish, oguchala.

FG: ( Walks Majestically) It is me you need. Yes (Points to the sky) Walahi, you all need me. What is  Marriage and Relationship without money? I mean the real mola. (Dips hands into pocket and dangles some cash before RME) Your relationship  will collapse without me. I will guarantee you cars, good food, clothes name them. If you want to go to Silver  Bird(Asks RME) is it gala or gorilla?

RME: Olodo it is Silver Bird Galleria.

FG: Whatever, with me you will get there. Your children will not die of kwashiorkor. Morning akamu, afternoon akamu, night nkoo? Tea. You need me to pay your tithes. I am too important and can stand alone. (RME claps hands together as a form of mockery)

SUPERNATURAL: (sings while coming out which draws the attention of RME and FG)(They both stare in her direction) Some people did not pass through this school at all.

RME and FG: (Together both laugh) And we are graduating together. Mrs Facilitator

SP: Have you not heard of financial miscarriages abi relationship breakdown, breakthrough, breakup and break break, break break? Have you both not heard about Mike Tyson (demonstrates) or Brother Tiger Woods?(demonstrates). In a day they both fell like pack of cards. With me beside you, you will know that all men fall but the great ones rise again. They can only rise through me( Begins to pray) (Opens her eyes to see CDC coming and stops prayer)

CONQUERING DESTINY DESTROYER: (To supernatural) Superman abi superwetin you call yourself? You see they need me more than the two of you. After me comes you in that order. (Supernatural disagrees with this and shakes her head in negation).You need me to overcome pride, sexual immorality, idolatry and gbo gbo ti gbo. ( Laughs) These things can destroy everything you ever built up till now.. When you learn about me, husbands and wives will know how to respect marriage vows. Not doing extra cool outside marriage. (faces supernatural) You see we can be friends and leave these two alone(referring to RME and FG).

PERSONAL DEV. STRATEGY: (sings)Comforter Jesus is my comforter, saviour is my comforter I am not alone. (looks at them all) Good people gathered here, you need me above others here.

ALL TOGETHER: Above who?

PSD: You all can’t do me anything. I have developed myself to handles all these. My mind is now transformed and renewed from all the maladies disturbing some of you. To start a relationship you need to develop yourselves. Christianity is personal. So you all need me to grow better, big, strong and reliable.(laughs)

CDC: Your case is like the lizard and the iroko tree. After climbing a very high tree, the lizard falls down and acknowledges itself for achieving such feat.( They all laugh)

LEADERSHIP: (shouts) Quiet, quiet I say ( they are all surprised).When I talk nobody talks because I am the leader. Who do you think  John was referring to when he said there ‘’ someone will come after me wey carry big shoe’’?

ALL: Which John Mr leadership?

LEADERSHIP: The one whose head was cut off for asking silly questions like you all are asking.( faces the audience) Our well esteemed audience, what you all need is good leadership alone. Without me no light, good roads, jobs, healthcare etc. Why do our leaders embezzle our money? It is because they don’t have me. Why do husbands turn their wives to punching bags or take another wife? Or a minister who cannot handle his ministry well? I am all you need to affect your world. Everything rises and falls on leadership( Spiritual Capacity Building Comes on stages)

SCB: (takes a curious look at leadership and the rest)(brings out his bible)I doubt if you all are born again.

ALL: And what is that supposed to mean Sister Big Bible?

SCB (laughs) You see your case is like the case of a farmer going to the farm without his hoe. What you all need to survive is the Word(points to his bible).This  is what will make you to see yourselves as an extra-ordinary being to achieve greatness. It contains H2O water, O2 Oxygen, milk, meat, honey and wine. This is the complete diet-take 1 in the morning and 1 at night simple.

ALL: Doctor Spiritual Capacity Building.(wisdom for sound health comes up)

WSD: Ah my people perish for lack of knowledge.

ALL: Who are your people?

WSD: Everybody. Without sound health all that you labour for will just be in vain. Infact  you may even die without enjoying everything you all mentioned. Today Luth, tomorrow malaria, next tomorrow emotional heart break and all the orishi rishi sickness. You all need me above everything.

NARRATOR: Now I know that to achieve greatness one needs to have all these characters. (characters on stage are surprised) We are so important to one another’s growth and should learn to exist side by side. Life is truly a personal adventure, the wiser you are the better you become. We say thank you all for coming to watch us perform. May you be blessed.(Play ends)


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    • evansyah20 profile image

      evansyah20 7 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      I wrote and performed this play on our graduation ceremony from the School of Ministry and Leadership( Global Impact Church, Lagos, Nigeria).Enjoy it despite some lexical items which may of course be understood by my audience. But to achieve greatness in life, dear hubbers you need all these!