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Would He? or What If?

Updated on May 23, 2017

A Christmas Question

by Jeb Bensing

If you saw Santa fall down from your chimney,
What do you think he would do?
Would he say, “Hello or, Howdy-do?”
What if he asked, “How are you?” or,
Would Santa smile, wink, then give a bow?
Would he would just dash up the chimney after he says, "Chow!"
Do you think he will give you the presents or,
Will he just put them under the tree?
He might just say, "Gee! You my friend are not supposed to see me!”
Do you think he will ask for the cookies and milk?
Would you make poor Santa feel nothing but guilt?
Would you say?
“Oh! My dear Santa, I am surprised you had fit down that chimney again.
It’s amazing how you appear so much younger.
I am afraid it seems that you have become a wee bit fatter.
I am also still baffled that you haven’t used a latter.”
Santa will then reply with a cheer,
"Oh my dear boy!
It appears that I have eaten too much cookie from all those great cooks!"
Would you both just sit down and begin a fireside chat?
Just talk, laugh, and enjoy the time while you both sat.
Reminiscing a little about this and a little of that.
After all the joy and fun,
Would he express a time on coming back?


© 2013 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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