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Updated on November 26, 2012
"Be Wise...Great Nation of mine. This isn't a game...It's for keeps!"
"Be Wise...Great Nation of mine. This isn't a game...It's for keeps!"



By the waters of the Atlantic, I sat and cried...

In the distance, you lay smoldering…My Nation has died.

You changed everything for the better...but did no good;

Then, wondered why what you changed...didn’t work like it should.

You made laws that were only enforced on the "tax-paying" citizen;

But, did not protect us from all the evil forces…crowding us in.

And then sat back without a plan...

As destructive powers destroyed our land.

For all your tough talk, and preaching to the choir...

Did absolutely nothing...but bog us down in the mire.

Now, I stand on your shoreline...

As you join many other Nations through time.

Who had all the answers...but no solution...

Given to you…was a mighty foundation.

Men fought and died in many a fight...

For your turn to take the wheel...and keep its’ course right.

But you failed miserably...Can’t you see?

I would not be so boastful…If it was me!

Your major cities lie in ruin...your Capitol under attack;

How will you stand tall…when you’re flat on your back?

You knew others despised you…you were given time to defend...

You played footsies with your enemy…like it was all pretend.

To play with a pit viper…Boy…just ain’t that smart at all...

The viper waits his perfect timing…for the chance…you’ll slip and fall.

But, I don’t have to tell you this…‘Cause now...I think you just learned...

Too bad the others took you to school…You went to the Majors...and got burned.

A knife…They slipped it in your back…when it was turned...

I yearned to see you make good decisions…I yearned, and yearned, and yearned!

But, the major populations I gave you to control in freedom...

Now, lie in complete waste for someone else’s kingdom.

Oh Nation…All you had to do was make steady adjustments...

That is if you had only used plenty of good judgment.

But now…a mess that will never be the same...

Your leaders have let your path of Glory…All turn to shame!

Some of the greatest cities built on the Earth to date...

Calamity has sprang upon them now…to seal their fate.

By the shoreline of the Atlantic...from which...many of your ancestors came…

I looked out across the Nation…and went to whisper out your name!

Oh Country…so young…and with so many great ideals...

You just learned “first-hand” how the sting of defeat feels!


(Be Wise…Great Nation of mine. This isn’t a game…It's for keeps!) July of 2008


Copyright © 2009


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