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Acrostic Of Precious Stones

Updated on February 20, 2017


Along to the sea I see a
Gold rock like your eyes and I wish to
Avoid a similar
Turn back to the sad house where we find the
End of our love


Amber in your smile,
My friends said me that I am very
Busy with the flower of your eyes and meanwhile
Each other is thinking about the
Risk of to be in love


Coral is your name and
Onto three days ago it was
And this flower has died because you are not in
Love with me


Dreams are broken and
Imagine this words of my feelings ...
Anyway we are close to the
Madness and remember you that is now
Or never that we can share a life together and
Nearby of your hands there is a broken
Daisy like my heart


Emerald like your name and
Somebody like you
Means that your love is at the
End of the
Ray that is going to
Across the Universe and searching the
Love that we lost in a
Deep dream


Poems about you
Everyday I think
And I write and I am
Reading for you my with all my
Love and tenderness


Quartz in your hands
Under the fog
And the moon
Runs and plays on your hands all the
Time with
Zeal for our love


Run away
Under the beauty of your eyes that
Bring the colors of rainbow on a New
Years day

© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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