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Acting and the Real World

Updated on April 14, 2016

It's Called Acting for a Reason

Mr. Di Caprio goes on and says I'm really not like any of the characters I've played, that's why it's called acting.

The best any of us can do is to think about a situation in our life that might have expressed the emotion you are trying to emulate and then put yourself in that situation while you are saying the words of the character you are playing.

It's an art. In the last six months I have played Scrooge at Christmas time and the Stage Manager for Our Town. Totally different parts. The key to acting is to make the lines yours.

Secret to Memorizing

One of the best ways to memorize is to write down the first letter of each word of the script you wish to memorize. Then say the words looking at only the first letter. You will find your brain picks up on the words better than you can if you do not do this.

Another technique is to record the cue lines and then play them one at a time and say the lines over and over again.

Still another technique is to say the paragraphs as fast as you can four times, and then say them slowly once. You will find your brain has remembered them.


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